Friday, July 3, 2015

Brosound - Sundog Peacehouse (2009)

This one makes no sense and completely caught me off guard. The group name and the artwork led me to believe this should be some psychedelic inspired romp into pseudo mystical weirdness. The album title reminded me of some frat boy thing and so I sat on this for quite some time.

Turns out this is a blissed out ambient/drone wash that feels as if it will stray into post-rock territory but never crosses the line.

A recommended surprise.


  1. Hello,I've been following you since quite a while.You're doing an incredible job here.I'm going to take the chance to ask you for a favour.I've been looking for an album desperately: Teachers 1984(OST).It seems that you shared a link to the album in flac format some time ago but the link is down right now.Can you please share it again.It seems imposible to get.Thank you very much.

  2. Snap it up quickly, it doesn't seem to stick around too long.