Sunday, September 28, 2014

Peaceful Atom - VACVVM (2010)

Had a different post in mind but my mouse was, uh, altered by some little munchkins residing in my house so I thought this would fit the bill. My right click is the only side that works so I'm a bit handicapped when it comes to my usual operations to do what I do.

I have this fascination with electrical towers as anyone who has been here for a while may recognize so of course the cover art on this one led me to it when it was originally released. These reside in Russia and, like many things Russian as seen from outside of Russia, there is something primal about these.

The artist has a concept behind it which is quite cool, and mysterious (think Pripyat), which you can read in greater detail here. The resident static and field recordings add to what is in effect a rather 'ambient' (in a good way) album.

I was really excited to see they have a Bandcamp page with many albums to their credit, older and newer, all for a 'Name Your Price' offering

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Sunday Morning Oomkah

So how did I get here?

The serendipity to bring me here is, first, Arms and Sleepers, with, second, thisquietarmy and the collision of thisquietarmy's remix on Arms and Sleepers Matador Remixed release, a connection I only made recently. I've been on a thisquietarmy-style guitar/distortion/ambient/drone thing as of late having burned out on waiting for my Echospace fix. 

Featuring artists such as Arms and Sleepers, thisquietarmy, 36, Max Richter and a 'collage' of other artists, dive in and be taken away.

The rules of the game are this:

The rules of the game are the same: a half an hour to follow the story to its climactic scene using the language of Music.
There are others, all worth checking out. The digital releases are gratis and/or Buy It Now but merchandise is available and donations are highly recommended to keep the music alive.


P.S. Off to see Rascal Flatts in the Big D tonight.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Tripping The Switch Fantastic

One of the best electronic albums on record.

Headspace - tonepoet (2014)

Discovered this on my Bandcamp feed. Emotive music, a remedy for daily chaos, including the chaotic indecisiveness that often comes as a professed music junkie. I'd call it 'ambient' but that is a delimiting term that renders thoughts of New Age-y, regurgitated schmaltz that ends up on countless, anonymous compilations.

This is not that. There is some real effort in this and it really has a calming effect to take you safely into the comfort of your own introversion and allows you to drift wherever it is your introversion takes you. This isn't the distortion heavy intoxication of an Eluvium or Paper Armies, all of which tap into different states of mind, it is a more gentle and floating state.

All that said, I create this stuff on the world's worst equipment (I don't even use a mouse for editing (it was stolen, no kidding), so I use a headache-inducing touch pad and deal with constant crashes on my crippled 8 year old laptop.
There is something moving about such efforts to express thoughts and feelings through music.

High recommendation.

'Buy It Now' price but, if possible, show some real support.


Sunday, September 14, 2014

Sunday Morning Techno

Along with revisiting the Basic Channel roots, this is the stuff that's been accompanying me on my hour long commute to work.

A wide roster of artists on an important label seeking to keep techno techno.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Utopolis - Smooth Generator (2012)

Been silly busy as of late. Listening to tons of music but no time to get online and share. 

This is one that is consistently pleasing when it drops. Half of the duo behind Cyan Music netlabel, one of the better labels out there, this one just represents the conglomeration of many of the 'downtempo' genres into a nice, well, smooth groove.

May not change your world but it will certainly enhance the world in which you reside.

Free download 

Don't forget to browse around the site and pick up some of the other releases featured there. Yagya and Blatancy (whose Detroitism is one of 2011's hidden gems) made appearances on the label so you know it's fertile soil.