Sunday, February 13, 2011

Phazz Forvert presents Dub Be Good To Me (2008)

Another stumble upon...

Don't know too much about this one though the final track, a remake of Zeppelin's Whole Lotta Love is done by former Mole Listening Pearls (De-Phazz's label) A&R man who goes by the DJ name Monophonic.

Forvert has a website here which seems to be some kind of a clothing line and I'm not quite sure what the "Phazz" connection is...

Anyhow, great compilation of dub goodness. Rhythm & Sound and Paul St. Hilaire will be familiar to many a listener but the other tunes on here are also of the highest calibre.

Dub goodness


Saturday, February 12, 2011

Don't Maurizio and drive!

While driving home from work this afternoon, humming right along to Maurizio's M-Series CD and a bit too aggressively accelerated on a patch of what turned out to be black ice which sent  my pickup careening down the highway sideways at 55 mph.  After the first few instants of panic, I basically let go of the wheel. 

There were a few moments of total and complete loss of control, a strange kind of bliss.

After a slide of probably a hundred yards or so my truck was violently embedded into a ditch filled deep with mud due to the winter thaw slowly making its way into the heart of America's Midwest. 

Guess if you're gonna end up in a ditch it's not a bad way to go. 

No oncoming traffic, no injuries, only a $50 tow charge (which Chico the driver said I could mail in), no ticket (the officer actually gave me a choice) and a driveable truck (more or less...).

Could've been much worse so consider this a celebration of good beats!


Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Yammouni Files (1992)

Richard Grant, the genius behind the I + T = R graphics of the Dorobo label and its artists has commented on several of my posts here.  He's posted some great information and is currently upping some video at vimeo and youtube.  Check out the comments in the Loggerhead and Dorobo Comp posts.

Though this is listed as "Not On Label" it is basically a Dorobo compilation.  Discogs lists that only 40 of these were released.  I saw one listed for sale online several months back but could never find contact information.

If anyone finds a copy for sale, let me know, I am looking to buy, though I'd settle for a digital copy.  Something about the tangible artifact is appealing.

Anyhow, just putting the request out there if anyone stumbles across it.  It's been eluding me for years.

Here is the discogs listing...