Saturday, July 25, 2009

The Mix Tape circa 1984

The letter in my Windham Hill albums (see sidebar on your left) got me thinking...

The mix tape.

My youthful a historical artifact.

And they still play though I lack a way to play them (the cassette player in my car got destroyed with one of those cassette adapters to use the mp3 player).

Sorry, no tuneage here. I'd love to rip these to digital but do not have a means of doing so. Maybe one of these days when I replace the Harman Kardon cassette player I sold off a few years ago.

Just unearthed my amplifier from high school. Couldn't wait to get out of school, jump into my Mazda GLC (which later caught on fire), roll down the windows and crank up The Ultimate Jam (see photo above).