Friday, February 27, 2015

Global Systems Silently Moving ‎– Altering The Air (2006)

By request, long out of print, hard to find but not as hard to find as it used to be.

Recorded in 1996, this was a mystery upon release but it wasn't long before it was revealed that it was none other than Rod Modell.


Saturday, February 21, 2015

Slownoise - Silent Wilderness (2015)

Slownoise, whose Dark Matter EP is one of my all-time favorites of this much beloved genre, is back on one of my favorite labels, Cold Tear Records.

Great chilled out dubbed out techno sounds that will put you right where you need to be.

You can get it free from Cold Tear's website but for a mere €2 you can get it in lossy and support the label and the artist.

Excellent release, high recommendation.


Friday, February 20, 2015

variant - auratia (2015)

Perhaps my favorite echospace related project, Variant, is back with yet another drop of sonic wizardry. This project has taken on a life of its own. Along with the Echoes In Space sound library, though no longer available on the site, this will make you realize the infinite varieties of ghosts available in the machine.

This new sonic submersion was inspired by found sounds and field recordings captured during the blizzard known as “linus”, the 5th worst blizzard in Chicago and Detroit’s history. the magic of the polar vortex and the arctic conditions it left behind inspired and set the stage for the creation of “auratia” and the mystical sonic world it evoked.
Variant's "Auratia" is made entirely with hardware, paying homage to infinite forms of synthesis, from analog, dco, waveshaping, vector, there's a myriad of forms explored producing unique results. Vintage analog equipment in conjunction with innovative customized modular synthesizers winnow a basis for algorithmic structure improvisation. This sound experiment re-synthesizes from a current plane into altered planes of effects-a radically new experience that breaks down barriers.
Ghostly harmonics fold and unfold like symmetrical patterns in nature to generate a myriad of complex and infinite rhythmic lines. Tessellations for higher dimensions, this mosaic of melody delivers an eccentric experience. Something for the heads in search of sonic meditation with 2 near 60 minute infinite pieces of organic dub grooves with an emphasis on synthesis experimentation and out-of-this world sonic apparitions.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Coppice Halifax - Rurals (2015), Pre-Order

The first physical release on the Cold Fiction netlabel and who better than Coppice Hallifax for that release? If you don't know the Coppice Hallifax name you've probably either not been here or have been asleep at the switch. 

There is a collective of 'dubby/ambient techno' artists converging and this collaboration is one of the fruits of some of these convergences as each of their tracks have intermingled amongst the tracks of others artists floating in the sea of dub tech tranquility.

James is quite excited about this, as he should be, so do show some support for both the label and the music to keep it going strong.

Browse the site and check out some of the other quality music, most at a 'Name Your Price' offering.

P.S. While you're at it, check out the Dub Techno Blog weekly show on Mixlr every Sunday at 3:00 PM (GMT)/8:00 PM (EST). The show is gaining some traction and you'll hear tracks that have not yet been released and you never know who might pop in to the chat.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Submersion of Neotaganrog - Sense/Net (2013)

First release on the Sense/Net netlabel out of Russia. Nice compilation of the sounds.

Not sure if it's the label's name and the Neuromancer connection or the raw, punk-ish DIY approach to observing life through music but it's easily one of my favorite labels out there, constantly on repeat. 

Everything is 'Name Your Price' so there's no excuse not to at least try it. Show some love if you are able.


Valentine's Day Releases

Don't worry, no cheese here, just a few releases that dropped today. All are 'Name Your Price' offerings (except the last one, for those who may be feeling generous).

echo as metaphor - (co)sine

From the obsolete components label run by matt thibideau (whose The Tape Project on Eclipse Music netlabel is essential and who is slated for a release by the eschospace label) and company, this one just dropped this morning. 

Dig into the back catalogue while you're there.


Daydreamer EP - Wolf Asylum

From James Shain's excellent netlabel, Cold Fiction, this one also dropped this morning. Easily one of the best netlabels on the web with a growing roster of releases and artists making some of the finest dubby/ambient electronic music out there.

Love Story - 101

Though not new, this one popped up in my inbox as a VD tribute from the Cold Tear Records  run by Giriu Dvasios, a label that should be familiar to anyone who has spent some time here.

90s synth throwback, in a good way, don't forget to dive into the back catalogue here as well.

Volor Flex - Best Of

This guy does Burial better than Burial. That may not sound like a compliment but it is. He takes the Burial template and drills it deeper and carves his own sound within it. Comparisons are inevitable but there is something in this music that has me hooked.

This one is not free so if anyone is feeling generous...

Sunday, February 8, 2015

MOM- Habitat (2009)

An older release from this label, limited to 100 copies, long out of print with no digital version in sight.

There is hope, however, as Quantec's album from this label was just released digitally, a relief for those of us longing for a copy of the long out of print CD which has failed to materialize at a reasonable price in the aftermarket.

Hoping for a digital release of this one soon.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Imperial Grey - Coppice Halifax (2015)

Quite the combination here, Coppice Halifax (aka Brian Grainger) on the Temiong label out of Argentina, another label creating some forward thinking, deep electronic music.

From the site:

Imperial Grey is a before and after a trip to the ocean depths, dark sounds accompanied by gentle rhythms how nature that lives in the ocean.
There is to be a CDr version to announced in the next few weeks.

Currently offered up for free


Sunday, February 1, 2015

3216 - mourner (2015)

My latest favorite label, Sense/Net, out of Russia, is back with a new release. 

With artists on the label with names like mourner and Unhappy Synths and albums with names like A Lust For Boredom, Detroit Bankruptcy and on the edge a.m. you get a feel for the overall vibe and DIY ethic.

This one is a compilation featuring label artists with special guest Kaisa (with a curious reference to Kaisa-Leena Mäkäräinen, Finnish Olympic biathlete).

Weighing in at 32:40 the track 32 steals the show. Techno geekery at its finest with nary a beat in sight, in the right mood and the right volume this one will dust off the cobwebs in your brain and make you feel alive.

Name Your Price' offering, check it out.

Recycled Plastics - Part Two: New Releases

Speaking of Recycled Plastics, two more albums just dropped from up and coming artists both of whom you should check out. Brian's various labels (Milieu, et al) has become the repository for music far and near that represent well the more innovative and forward thinking artists, including his own extensive catalogue, that exist below the mainstream, unless you are in the know. 

Beatless - Substak

Digital is a 'Name Your Price' offering, the CDr contains, as is often the case, an extended remix by Brian himself.

Substak, who seems to have emerged out of nowhere, is certainly an artist to watch.

Royal Secret - Brother Blue

Tim Gray (aka Ethernet) is back with a new alias that is the forerunner of a full length album under his new name. 

'Name Your Price' offering, show some love.

P.S. Don't forget to check out the Dub Techno Blog live show today, as with every Sunday, at 3:00 PM EST (8:00 PM GMT) on Mixlr