Saturday, February 16, 2013

Northern Exposure - Expeditions (Vinyl) (1999)

The last of the Northern Exposure releases by Sasha and John Digweed, it is apparent on this one that not only has their mixing skills remained as good as ever but electronic music was out of the underground.

The UK edition of the CD release contained a remix of Delerium's "Silence" (featuring Sarah McLachlan), a track which is still ubiquitous, which is not present in the U.S. release mix.  According to Sasha's website it was pulled due to licensing issues.

Electronic music was on its way to mass popularity (as can be seen by this albums U.S. release on a major label) and copyright was beginning to escalate and affect how music was made and distributed.

Truth be told I didn't realize this until putting this post together as my digital copy of the mix has the track in it.  To me, this makes the whole U.S. release a total and complete waste.  

I used to own this on vinyl and sold it off a few years ago but, for your pleasure, digital files of the vinyl are below.  The "Silence" track is present on the vinyl.



  1. Hi! Wondering if you'd be kind enough to re-up your Northern Exposure posts. The links all seem to be gone and I was hoping to hear these. Also, do you have the original CD version of Expeditions you refer to with that track missing from the US version? I had the American CD at one point and didn't even know there was something missing. Anyway, great blog!! Learning a lot about stuff I haven't heard about before from your writing. Much appreciated. Best.

  2. Try it now. Working on the other NE posts...stay tuned.

  3. I was curious about something. The Info link you have goes to a discogs page that lists 12 tracks on the vinyl release whereas your download is 6 tracks. Are there tracks missing or was this some sort of a shorter promo release or something? Thanks.