Friday, February 8, 2013


Traveled from MTY to ATL, as has become a regular routine, but a family emergency caused a stop in Atlanta for the weekend.

Left my sweatshirt in the car when I was dropped off at the airport at home thinking that I wouldn't need it until I returned from way down south.  Hate carrying coats/sweatshirts, just an extra layer of bulk taking up room on the plane.  But a high of 39° in Atlanta certainly made me rethink the inconvenience.

Anyhow, long story short, there are better ways to arrange a family reunion but everything worked out and all is well again.

The photo shows the last leg of the journey, ATL to CAK.  It was 54° on the ground in ATL, 19° on the ground an hour and a half later on the ground at CAK.

The compilation here is from the longest leg of the journey from DTW to MTY but the picture above, well, it fits...

Nice mix of old and new, variety of genres.  As with all the shuffle mixes here you're guaranteed to discover something new.


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  1. I love flying from CAK, their shuttle usually picks me up at and takes me right back to my car - never had that happen at any other airport.