Sunday, November 22, 2015

Instinct Ambient Series #1 - 10 (1995)

Was listening to #10 just this week on a long drive and it took me right back there. Such is the power of music.

Realized how much this is representative of this explosive period of time of creative growth in electronic music and how much electronic music has changed and how complex and dense it has become over the years.

This was one of the labels that gave room for freedom to artists who would ultimately help pave the way.

#1 Pharos 

#4 Facil 

#7 Soil 

Saturday, November 14, 2015

The Yammouni Files (1992)

Many, many moons ago I began the pursuit of this cassette only release from what remains one of my favorite, though now retired, labels. I did not know of nor would have known of its existence prior to the advent of the Web but immersed myself fully once I stumbled across it. Electronic, dark, even dangerous, it spoke to me.

However, some of its earlier releases were released on tape based formats only. The I+T=R VHS containing the visual work of Richard Grant remains a collection in need of reissue/remaster on DVD or other similar format. I have the VHS and an audio rip of the music but it sounds like it was ripped from VHS. 

And then there was this one. A fantastic assortment of Australian artists who represent a lesser known side of the sound of electronic based music in the early 90s, this remains a hidden gem. Several of the groups/artists moved on to other projects but most of these artists remain encapsulated within that time frame and within this cassette.

I am still looking for the physical cassette to add to my collection but the format here is a one of a kind, direct from 'the original masters' you might say, and is available here, and only here, on HTCIS.

Sometimes you just gotta ask and the kindness and generosity of people will surprise you.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Eurowarp (1996)

Cassette only promo release from the legendary label who has seen a bit of a resurgence in recent years as the 90s have become a thing again and us 90s children are living in the reminisce that middle age brings.

Think you'll like it.

Sunday, November 8, 2015

PierrotheMoon - Sample Story (2015)

These tracks keep dropping in that hook me instantly, diverse in style and different than the usual fare. It seems that whenever I look it is this artist.

First heard him on the 7.1 compilation, an incredible assortment of dub techno and other styles, found on The Studio Stereo BC page .

Don't know anything about him but as I continue to venture into his discography across the web, it seems he has been around for a while and is only now cracking my skull. 

Highly recommended.

'Name Your Price' offering

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Zwei Kreise - Athene Island (2015)

Formerly operating under the moniker as Axs, in the game for a long time now but restlessly pigeonholed into the 'dub techno' genre tag, Zwei Kreise evolved in order to allow him more artistic freedom. His 'dub techno' is certainly recommended but not one to stay comfortable in a particular genre, his creativity has now found room to breathe.

There have been many remixes under this name and a stellar cassette release but this is the first full album proper. It's a thematic whole and, as a bonus, includes some remixes from artists who represent a wide range of styles and represent, quite literally, the world. From the BC page write-up:

When in early/mid 2015 I felt like I was finally done with retouching the album, I enlisted the help of some fellow music producers. They are people that I both like as individuals and deeply admire as craftsmen, and I wanted them to provide remixes for the album. I am very grateful that they heeded my call : Canada's premier atmospheric dub sorcerer, wzrdryAV (aka. Kelly Claude Nairn) ; France's pride and joy, Zzzzra (under his new experimental alias Brutalisme) ; Korea's best kept secret, Xiami; and USA's very own underground electronic music mastermind, Milieu (aka. Brian Grainger, or Coppice Halifax).
Not free but at the price to pay it is a bargain.

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Thursday, November 5, 2015

Ohrwert - Reduct (2013)

Ohwert, aka Arjen Schat, was one of the earlier artists in the next wave of dub techno artists who took the foundation laid by the Basic Channel duo and built upon and expanded by the collaborative efforts found in the Deepchord/Echospace mythos and swirled it around the globe.

An incredible journey across a total of 18 tracks, long and deep, exploring just why this style is so intoxicating.

Complete remastered "Reduct” catalog originally released circa 2008 as 192 kbps MP3s, now available in the quality of your choice (up to 44.1 kHz / 24 bit).


Sunday, November 1, 2015


A label to watch with artists you need to hear. Amazing music still being made off the beaten paths.

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