Saturday, January 23, 2016

DRONARIVM - Into The White (New Year's 2016 Free Compilation)

Not sure what it is about 'drone' and especially music of a similar notion that is coming out of the Russian/Ukraine region in particular that so intrigues me. I think it has a lot to do with what we are fed in the news that attempts to sway and distort our views in a certain direction. Believe they call that propaganda.

Then there is this incredible music being made and I wonder to myself who these artists are and am curious about what they do and how they live. This music sets a certain mood, certainly, but it also tells me that there is life teeming within the bandwidth and this is an expression of those lives. The information to which we are often limited, especially in mainstream outlets, is in far too many ways disconnected from the lives that real people experience. Music has the ability to provide the connection that mere 'information' lacks.

Drone and similar sloooow music forces me to slow down which is why I struggle so often to listen to it as life forces us in constant motion. But when I do it is the most rewarding music as of late that has captivated my interest.

21 tracks to set the mood


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