Friday, January 29, 2016

LP Trilogy

As anyone who has followed electronica, especially the dance culture as it emerged from the underground during the 90s, knows, the idea of the "white label" was always a DJ's secret weapon, that artist or song that no one knew about, known only by the DJ.  That aesthetic permeates the culture of "underground" electronic music.  It's that dramatic tension of remaining underground yet striving for that following.

This label carries this torch and gives it a name as every release is from an Unknown Artist.  In truth, the artists seem to be fairly well known but they are given anonymity with the release to add to the mystique.  The label's discography is starting to name names.

I picked up on their 12" releases starting with 001 but it wasn't until I got wind of a full album release that I dropped some cash on LP001. Glad I did as it turns out it is an artist who I've followed for years.  If you give it a listen, it shouldn't be too hard to pick out who it is.  

The third installment dropped without much fanfare as I believe the jig is up and peaked as a capitalist venture here.





No. 105.