Monday, December 14, 2009

em:t - Discography (1994-1998)

em:t, a shining star that burned bright, released some amazing ambient music in its brief existence. It has a hardcore, cultish following, and the original releases are tough (i.e. costly) to come by.

Below is every regular em:t release (except 302 Acid Live).

Because of the generosity of others here and other online caches all of them are separate track versions except those listed below.

The only ones so far not available in separate track versions are:

Lucid Dream 0098
Item 003 Various
Item 004 Various
Item 006 International Peoples Gang

Because these are out of print and command exorbitant prices for original copies (of which the artists will never see a dime), it's a privilege to be a clearinghouse so others can experience this music.

0094 - Various (1994) (256 kbps) Artwork

0095 - Gas (1995) (192 kbps) Artwork

0096 - Lucid Dreams (1996) Part1//Part2 Artwork

0097 - Slim (1997) (192 kbps) Artwork

0098 - Natural Language (1998) Part1//Part2 (320 kbps) Artwork

1194 - Woob (1994) (192 kbps) Artwork

1195 - Miasma (1995) (256 kbps) Artwork

1196 - Carl Stone (1996) Part1//Part2 (320 kbps) Artwork

1197 - Various (1997) Part1//Part2 (320 kbps) Artwork

2294 - Qubism (1994) Part1//Part2 (320 kbps) Artwork

2295 - Various (1995) Part1//Part2 (320 kbps) Artwork

2296 - Various (1996) Part1//Part2 (320 kbps) Artwork

2297 - Beatsystem (1997) (320 kbps) Artwork

3394 - Various (1994) Part1//Part2 (320 kbps) Artwork

3395 - International Peoples Gang (1995) Part1//Part2 (320 kbps) Artwork

3396 - Undark (1996) Part1//Part2 (320 kbps) Artwork

4495 - Woob² (1995) (256 kbps) Artwork

5595 - Various (1995) Part1//Part2 (320 kbps) Artwork

ITEM 003 - Various (2003) Artwork

ITEM 004 - Various (2004) Part1//Part2 Artwork

ITEM 005 - Gel-Sol 1104 (2004) (aka "Music Made for You... And by You I Mean Me") Part1//Part2 (320 kbps) Artwork

ITEM 006 - 302 Acid (2005) Part1//Part2 (320 kbps)

ITEM 007 - Gaudi : Testa 1105 (2005) (256 VBR) Artwork

ITEM 008 - International Peoples Gang (2006)

Many of these were released in the U.S. on Instinct Records. Instinct also released several compilation albums representing em:t artists:

em:t explorer (1996) Part1//Part2//Part3//Part4 (320 kbps) Info

em:t Beat Exploration (1998) - Part1//Part2 (320 kbps) Info

And, finally, all the artwork at once:


Some of these albums appear to have been re-released at some point or other but as far as I can tell they are also out of print.

Also, some of the artists are still making music. You can find more information on the tribute site below.

In the meantime, enjoy. It may just whet your appetite enough to track down the originals.

Tribute site (highly informative)

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Logic Trance (1992)

The original Logic Trance, compiled by DJ Hell and Beate. Hard to find, not cheap in the resale market. 

Deeper roots into trance.



Saturday, November 7, 2009

The Super Secret Symphony (1995)

The last numbered in a series of ten releases issued by the Instinct Ambient label. The cover is a pretty good indication of what's in store. Amazing output on this ambitious label in such a brief life.



Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Logic Trance 2 (1994)

Classic compilation capturing the early roots of trance.



Saturday, July 25, 2009

The Mix Tape circa 1984

The letter in my Windham Hill albums (see sidebar on your left) got me thinking...

The mix tape.

My youthful a historical artifact.

And they still play though I lack a way to play them (the cassette player in my car got destroyed with one of those cassette adapters to use the mp3 player).

Sorry, no tuneage here. I'd love to rip these to digital but do not have a means of doing so. Maybe one of these days when I replace the Harman Kardon cassette player I sold off a few years ago.

Just unearthed my amplifier from high school. Couldn't wait to get out of school, jump into my Mazda GLC (which later caught on fire), roll down the windows and crank up The Ultimate Jam (see photo above).