Sunday, January 25, 2015

dronescape 24 (2015) - Cousin Silas [weareallghosts]

If you've been here for a while you'll know that I've gravitated toward the generically tagged 'drone' as my latest musical adventure. It's one of the few things I've found that is able to bring me down enough to focus on whatever it is I'm doing. I stumbled across the weareallghosts site some time ago and, like the DIY ethos at Terminal Sound, have found it to be an innovative and forward thinking community.

So when this one popped up this morning, I realized that music has the power to heal not only by the music itself by calling together like minded individuals to show support, the whole able to do so much more than the one alone.

From the site:

weareallghosts started nearly 3 years ago as a DIY ambient music community that listens and promotes each other’s music; it is one that builds upon an initial idea that focuses on the common good that brings us together rather than the things that divide us as people.
Rick Chase is a prime example of this common good. A chap who through his superb depository for videos on Youtube and his FB group - Ambiofusion - has always been highly encouraging and enthusiastic about ambient music and the community as a whole. Chase is, specifically, a big fan of Cousin Silas and, in Dave’s own words, he felt “compelled to help the lad” and thought it was time to give back. And give back we will … via dronescape 024 (waag_drs024).
Cousin Silas is very generous with his music and puts everything he can on Archive or Bandcamp for free (PWYW). It is his way of ensuring everyone has access to his music and I fully endorse this rationale. Dronescape 024 (waag_drs024) is different, however. It will ONLY be available on Bandcamp and will cost you the minimum of £1. This isn’t to raise funds for wearellghosts but to raise funds for Rick Chase.
This is Cousin Silas’ way of giving back. A couple of weeks ago, Rick’s wife - Kelly - died of a rare form of cancer. Rick is left with two daughters … and a considerable medical bill to repay. As Dave said in recent correspondence, ‘Our donations are pitiful, but we are trying”. Every single penny donated will go to Rick Chase. I will do my bit by covering the Bandcamp and Paypal costs … however, I will struggle if someone donates a £1,000. That aside, let’s see if we can raise something for Rick … and show him that the weareallghosts community cares and cares enough to help.

It's a £1 minimum to generate some genuine help but please contribute more if you are able.


P.S. If you haven't picked it up yet their end of year offering is stellar and gives you a solid introduction to the label's offerings. You can check that one out


Sraunus - Season 1 (2015)

Sraunus is back. Often tagged as 'dub techno' his music follows its own trajectory and can range from techno to house to ambient and wherever it is he feels like going. His Apie Paulių Šepetį from 2014 was one of the year's standouts.

This one is at a 'Name Your Price' offering so check it and show some love


Saturday, January 24, 2015

Recycled Plastics

Some killer releases, if I haven't pointed it out before, on Brian Grainger's Recycled Plastics label.

Coppice Hallifax, Zzzzra, Zwei Kreis (formerly known as Axs), Zander One and mon0 to name but a few. All the digital offerings of these artists are at a 'Name Your Price' offering (you know what to do) .

There are also CDr versions of the releases which contain bonus tracks/remixes that are always a worthy investment and the physical media is a nice touch. 

Do your thing and check out this along with all of Brian's other aliases (is that alii?), both as a musician and as a label curator.

Quality, quality, quality stuff

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Goran Geto – Chords And Clouds: The Remixes (Drift Deeper Recordings 011) (2015)

When Drift Deeper drops a release, it's required.

From the label:

Happy New Year! Drift Deeper is excited to release our first remix ep and our first release of 2015. These 10 remixes were the winning finalists of our Chords & Clouds remix competition. I just want to say a massive thank you to Goran [Geto] and everyone who entered the competition, there were too many excellent remixes to choose from.
You can listen to all the tracks submitted in the competition soundcloud group. The original Chords & Clouds has been released today on Goran’s own label Tehnofonika, be sure to check out the other amazing tracks on the EP and keep a look out for this label as they have some excellent releases planned.

P.S. Don't miss the hour long Dub Techno Blog Live Show every Sunday at 8 p.m. (GMT). That's 3 p.m. EST in the States. You get to hear some fresh cuts and enjoy an hour of the sounds that dub techno fans love.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Vytis - Edge Of Universe (2015)

Vytis, one of the most maniacally working musicians I've seen lately, is back with a new album. I've been following him for a little while now via various netlabel such as Cold Tear, Spaceal Orbeats, (the now retired) deepindub, Insectorama and his own Silverfield Records. All of his work is excellent, no matter the style he chooses. Truly a talented gent. 

As of late it's begun to hit after 20 years of imbibing in this music from its relative infancy to its universal infestation and watching the changing of the guard that the forerunners of the sound are my age, or older. We are seeing the nostalgic interviews, the retrospectives, the reunion tours, re-issues and remasters, and songs that were once cutting edge playing out in car commercials within the very same system that was once a source of rebellion.

There is a batch of new talent coming up, Vytis among them, who are hopefully trying to push the envelope and make it about the music rather than imitate in an effort at achieving fame and success which ultimately reduces or eliminates the chance that music can affect change rather than entrancing consumers into conformity.

It's a 'Name Your Price' offering but show some support to give this man some breathing room to develop his own sound. 

Saturday, January 3, 2015


Pretty sure this is a cassette sourced rip (192 kbps) but it's much, much cleaner than the 320 kbps vinyl rip floating around (though the hissing and popping that adds that 'warmth' we all reminisce about in this digital age is absent).

Still trying to track down a copy of the remastered re-issue of the CD without breaking the bank. I've seen one for sale over the past several years and it was gone in an instant.

Ridiculously out of print. In the meantime, this is an excellent rip.

Friday, January 2, 2015

Off Land - Accipiter​/​Coast (2014)

From the Terminal Window camp I recently learned of, among other artists, Off Land. I've been sitting on it for a while and only knew of him through the Terminal Window compilation(s) which are on frequent repeat.

So when I put this on the other night to sit down to do some writing because it sits first in my mp3 player I was pleasantly surprised. I won't give comparisons as comparisons restrict and limit but don't be surprised if you find yourself feeling as you did way back when the 'Space Ambient' thing a la Hearts Of Space found its way into your hearing.

Strong mood setting music and the two drone reworks take this add a completely different vibe. Will certainly be diving into this discography some more.

It's a 'Name Your Price offering so show some love

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Axaminer Sampler Vol​.​3 (2013)

Get it while it's hot:

Currently all releases on the Axaminer site are at a Name Your Price offering. 

This one's been eluding me for a while. Please donate something to keep the music alive! 

Make sure to snap up the other two comps as well. Discover some incredible music and some amazing and innovative artists.

variant - oceans end (2014)

Not sure if everyone kept up with the goings on in the Echospace camp but 2014 was the year where it all came together. With the slowly increasing popularity of 'dub techno' as a genre, Echospace/Deepchord championed the sound with a slew of releases, remixes and re-issues. 

Steve Hitchell has been the primary driver behind filling the pipeline with his multiple array of moniker driven sounds and just after midnight he dropped this little gem from his Variant project, easily one of my favorite sounds he has developed.

With three Variant projects dropping toward the end of the year, not including the bonus found on his Sounds Library DVD, this was a perfect end to an old year and a great start to a new one.

It's a 'Name Your Price' offering so show some love so the music can continue