Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Trip - Hop. Net Best Tunes 2014

As much I'm an old school fan of vinyl and cassettes (always hated CDs), digital and the Web rules. Sounds from across the globe from musicians that will never be filtered through the mainstream media outlets.

Another fantastic compilation I stumbled upon somehow, this one out of France. The BC site linked below only has two 'Best Tunes' comps but their main site is a virtual treasure trove of music. The comps are great introductions to music that may not otherwise get heard.

Artists I've never heard of but every track I've heard so far has been top notch. The 2013 comp is downloading now.

The 'Best Tunes' tag fits well. 


Sunday, August 9, 2015

Giriu Dvasios - Ratu (2015)

Finally got time to listen to Giriu Dvasios' latest release Ratu. His music is always highly recommended but this time he has moved beyond the usual boundaries of the 'dub techno' sound and has layered it with some popular Lithuania folk music that is, I'm discovering, pretty amazing stuff.

I had a rush that I haven't experience in over 20 years when I got to the track "Čiutyta" featuring (as if I know what I'm talking about) Kūlgrinda chanting. It's not something to explain, it's just one of those things where music has that power. Thanks Giriu for keeping the music alive.

Upon reflection I realized it took me instantly back to this track:

I don't usually do the comparison thing as I hate to imply anything and hate to taint the listener's own experience but I experienced a time warp that not only took me back but fully grounded me in the present. Interstellar anyone?

You can pick up this album and many others at his Cold Tear Records site for no charge or, if you can support him, at his Bandcamp site to pick this up in lossless and stream it on the BC app

BTSC Remixes

Another pleasant find in the archives. Remixes from this seminal Canadian punk/rock band (that I had never heard of before this release). How have I never heard of the band from which these tracks came?! Just shows, never too old to discover something new.

I've pulled up the originals online and am blown away. Though I am not in the frame of mind  to digest this as part of a regular diet anymore I would have had this stuff blazing from my speakers back in the day. Killer.

In the meantime, these remixes take the power of the originals and mold them into something new. Considering the band sold the original vinyl on their 2012 tour they feel the same way.

Friday, August 7, 2015

Quiet Life

By 2001, electronic music was fully on its way to becoming the background noise of the universe and everyone, including the majors (usually by buying out smaller labels), was trying to get in on the act.

Difficult to remember sometimes just how unique the melting pot called 'downtempo' music created in the 90s was because it is so omnipresent among us today.

Filled with surprises - artists and songs - this compilation gets it right and provides a well crafted take on the usual fare.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

The Nautilus Project

Given a choice, I'd have 'dub techno' swirling around me 24/7 as it changes the entire atmosphere without interfering with it. It brings a glow to whatever it is I am doing.

Taken as a whole it can be difficult to discern those certain stylistic touches that set artists apart within the generically tagged 'dub techno' genre, as broad and as limiting as that tag may be.

However, over the years the artist who goes by the name The Nautilus Project has found a sound that is uniquely his and it has really grown on me. His early works have an 'aquatic' theme and the music fits.

Closely associated with another artist, Jaymon, his sound has evolved and has gotten not only deeper but more earthy.  Below are some examples of his early works on various netlabels. 

All of his work (solo and with Jaymon) is recommended but his latest offering, Forestscapes, is essential. I like the direction his music has been heading and look forward to where he'll take it next. 

Dive into the Insectorama netlabel while you're there. Currently at 71 releases, it hosts an incredible roster of artists, all at no charge.


Saturday, August 1, 2015

History Lesson

Better history lessons than I could ever even imagine trying to give.