Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Analogue Dreams 2

The first from this label which in turn produced an incredible cast of artists throughout the late 2000s who charted a unique course for electronic music and helped establish a platform for the 'next generation' dub techno artists, many of whom are still making music today.

Aside from dub techno and vaporwave, it is the post post-rock guitar based noodling that has captured my interest and keeps me transfixed. 

I highly recommend anything this artist has done.

One off joint effort from one of the members of one of the heavyweights of the post-rock sound and fellow label mate

Its a short teaser with lots of promise, would be a shame if it's the last.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Analogue Dreams

Electronic based noodling, an homage to the last transmitter in Scotland to switch off analogue television.

The team behind this needs no introduction.


Thursday, May 19, 2016

Seven Years of Home Normal

One of the better labels out there today. I discovered them in 2011 with bvdub's Tribes At The Temple Of Silence, the first of what would be seven release that year after the now classic White Clouds Drift On And On emerged from what seemed to be nowhere and the echospace label would continue its ascent from the underground. From the label:

Hello. Home Normal is a small record label originally founded in Tokyo in 2009. Since then we have been lucky enough to have released over eighty musical packages from some of the most talented music producers and sound dreamers all around the world. We've also managed to donate a significant amount to charities close to our hearts, and have been able (through the kind support of a good many people) to donate our money and time to supporting those affected by homelessness and isolation in Japan specifically. This has been developed through releases and most notably our sponsored shows around the world.

It's tough to keep up with all the great releases that flood us daily but this is definitely a label to keep in your feed as there are some gems here that are worth discovering when you are seeking more mellow, quiet, experimental offerings that require attentive listening.

Name Your Price offering

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

The Temple Of Darkness Vol. 1

The tale of another label that has gone the way of ghosts in what was perhaps the heyday of blogging in the late 2000s. Not even sure how or when I came across these but I've got so many files I snatched during this time that it's only over time that I've even begun to dabble in them.

This one was a surprise as the title doesn't fit the notion of 'darkness' I had before listening. Excellent compilation of late 00s techno from a new(er) generation of music makers.

Art Zero

As often happens today there are brief moments of musical treasures popping in and out of existence. Like a solar flare or a virtual particle in the universe if you aren't paying attention, or don't know where to look, you'll miss it.

This was a brief flash and appears to now be defunct. The musical business is tough but there will always be art.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Rescue Knife - Enformig (2016) [Special Request]


The Energostatic Label has reached out to its fans for a special request for one of its artists who is facing cancer. From the label:

Dear Friends and Listeners, We are at loss and saddened by terrible news.
Our soul mate, MIKHAIL SCHEVCHENKO, also known as ENFORMIG, an outstanding live performer, great techno artist and a good man has CANCER! He has been fighting against disease for 2 years, resources of his family are exhausted. We have nothing else left, but ask for your help. Mikhail requires about $10k (equivalent to 250k UAH) for two rehabilitation courses.
Shocked by the news, we decided to make a release, consisting of Enformig's unreleased/demo tracks he submitted to us long-time ago. All funds received will be transferred to Mikhail's family to help him with the treatment.
It's a mere $2 but you can contribute more if you are able.

Show some love


Thursday, May 12, 2016


'Old becomes new' doesn't mean anything any more; that bubble has popped and has collapsed upon itself. As can be seen and heard in the vaporwave phenomenon, even irony is difficult to find. 

Though I'm sure there is a philosophical rigour that I am lacking in the use of the word, I stumbled across the term desublimation some time ago when seeking the right word for explaining that 'feeling' of what was happening in the culture at large.

Some techno artists have sought an out from this paradox through the adoption of various monikers under which they perform (or, in some cases, by the song name).

Not sure if there is an intent of turning the nostalgia to which they point on its ear but there is some solid music behind the apparent joke. Below is a sampling of their work(s) and you can track down their larger body of work through the albums listed in the snapshot above.


Tuesday, May 10, 2016


Nice collection of experimental tunes from Australia from the mid-90s. Volume 3, the most experimental of the bunch, is an upgrade from what's been floating around for years.

Even after all these years, these comps remain some of my favorites as they were my intro to the label and some artists, especially those on Volume 2, who have left quite an impact on the musical landscape.

Also did not realize until posting all three of the cover scans that the same image graces all three covers.

Sunday, May 8, 2016

The History Of Rock

Intoxicates in dizzying, trance-like fashion.

Don't miss the comments.

Friday, May 6, 2016

The Cult Is Exposed

Turns out it wasn't just paranoia or hatred for the cult.

Leave. Now.



Sunday, May 1, 2016

Abstract Ballet - MJ12 (2011)

By request from the ZeECc files. This was digital only as far as I know, no longer available as the label is now defunct.

Dub Techno Blog Weekly Podcast

Just another shout out (see top left of the blog) for the Dub Techno Blog Live Show which airs live every Sunday at 5:00 p.m. GMT (12:00 EST in the US). 

What started out small has attracted a pretty loyal following and includes regular visits on the chat from some of the newest dub techno producers. Puts you in touch with new and often exclusive music as well as with the creators.

There is a Patreon account to support the show as well which I not only support but highly recommend. From $1 per month on up it's a great chance to show some real support. The many are more powerful when united than that of the few.

Get .wav files of the show for your donation.