Saturday, February 12, 2011

Don't Maurizio and drive!

While driving home from work this afternoon, humming right along to Maurizio's M-Series CD and a bit too aggressively accelerated on a patch of what turned out to be black ice which sent  my pickup careening down the highway sideways at 55 mph.  After the first few instants of panic, I basically let go of the wheel. 

There were a few moments of total and complete loss of control, a strange kind of bliss.

After a slide of probably a hundred yards or so my truck was violently embedded into a ditch filled deep with mud due to the winter thaw slowly making its way into the heart of America's Midwest. 

Guess if you're gonna end up in a ditch it's not a bad way to go. 

No oncoming traffic, no injuries, only a $50 tow charge (which Chico the driver said I could mail in), no ticket (the officer actually gave me a choice) and a driveable truck (more or less...).

Could've been much worse so consider this a celebration of good beats!



  1. Next time, drive with Brian Eno, a little bit calm... Be careful !

  2. too calm is no better.. you might fall asleep X(

  3. Hey! Love the blog. Great stuff. Any chance you could re-up this one? Haven't heard this in ages. Thanks.

  4. Thanks for the compliment!

    Open up the cover to enlarge. ;-)