Tuesday, March 19, 2013

LIAE (1987)

By request...




  1. holy shit!!! you fucking rule. been dying to get a quality rip of this for ages since i can't find the cd for the life of me. probably wasn't a big seller to begin with so no surprise there aren't a lot of used ones. anyway, seriously, thank you for posting this!!

  2. No worries. It's all out there somewhere. This one was definitely hard to find for a long time.

    The CD is for sale again at their website. From the looks of it they are slowly cataloguing and re-issuing a lot of their older stuff.

  3. goodie! brings back memories! this was the first 4AD album I have bought.. anyway I just finished watching the rip of the VHS video version of this, if you care to post along it with the album, just contact me, you know how..

    stay tuned!

  4. I actually have a rip of the VHS. I may have to revisit that this weekend! Thanks for the reminder and thanks for sticking around.

    Been a bit busy, still looking to update the request list. ;-)