Saturday, March 30, 2013

Rick Smith - Bungalow With Stairs 1 (2010)

The Underworld duo are involved in much more than just music. Rick Smith, the producer backbone of the Underworld sound, also does project work as Bungalow With Stairs. This album was released with one of Karl Hyde's art installations in Tokyo as a limited edition CD of the exhibit soundtrack to those who attended.  

I knew nothing about this release until doing some virtual digging. For some reason, I'm on an Underworld kick and have been for a while now. Karl Hyde's upcoming release is the tip of the iceberg. I suppose it has to do with recapitulating my past and enjoying their artistry as it evolves as they age as well.

Apparently made up of older material (you'll recognize a few snippets that would later end up on Beaucoup Fish) as well as manipulated spoken word samples, you'll discover that "ambient" sound that lies lurking behind all of Underworld's music, that sound that adds soul to the ecstasy their music invokes.  

You can learn more about the design collective Tomato which the duo were part of founding in 1991 here. You'll instantly recognize the album artwork.

Fascinating.  Highly recommended. 


  1. wow, i hadn't ever heard of this either. looking forward to checking this out. also, that upcoming release is out there as of right now. d/ling both that and this as i type. thanks for the headsup!

    speaking of u-world, how did you like their last album? the one with all the producers? i kept wanting to like it, but couldn't, because it wasn't them doing their thing. i felt they were going a few steps backwards and trying to be popular or something. i'm still bummed about it, cuz i think if they had done songs like Skribble in their way, it would have been better. cuz that song has legs. ok, end rant. i got kicked off a u-world fb page when that album came out. i should re-listen to that album to verify my opinion.

    take care!

  2. Their KRCW performance is why I love these guys. I like their latest but really haven't digested it enough for a verdict.

    Really looking forward to Karl's new solo release though. There's a dark edge lying dormant in their music, a reflection on the real world from which they seek release through their anthems so it will be interesting to hear.

    Hoping he comes to the States. I may drive many miles to see such a show.