Monday, March 11, 2013

S&JD - NE: Expdtns (1999)

The UK edition of this release features a remix of a track, still ubiquitous, which was pulled from the U.S. release for licensing issues due to its major label association.  The absence of this track makes the whole U.S. release a total and complete waste.  So, for your listening pleasure...

A little more detail can be found below along with digital files of the vinyl.  


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  1. Hi. Thanks for reupping the Expeditions links. I didn't notice before you had the CD version posted...but here it is! Looking forward to comparing it with the vinyl rip you have. There's also a page on Mixcloud by someone called The_Darkstar who put the whole thing up for streaming. Also has the 3CD Renaissance collection although I don't know if it's the original version or the later one with a track or two missing. Just a FYI in case you like to stream stuff. Found it totally by accident. Has the 1st Northern Exposure too. Anyway, thanks again for the reup. Much appreciated.