Friday, March 15, 2013

Various - Mr. Cloudy Serenity (2009)

A stellar collection of dub techno artists reworking Mr. Cloudy's "Serenity" track.

Previously on "The Hit List" this is finally replacing that v2 VBR rip that's been lingering for years.  I can personally trace the lineage back to the source so there is no doubt where this one originates.  


P.S. Thanks to those who contributed to make this happen.


  1. Did you mean to post a lossy version? I have the lossless version if you still are looking for it.

  2. I'm big on lineage so it's nice to have a pure v0 rip rather than a v2 rip of uncertain origin.

    If you have a lossless version, feel free to post some links here in the comments. Would be a nice option for folks to have.