Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Sasha And John Digweed ‎– Northern Exposure (1996)

Northern Exposure (2xCD) (1996) 

Easily one of the most essential electronic releases.  

Even today, rapidly approaching 20 years, this still has the power to stir the soul.

This is the 2 CD version that, for some reason, never saw the light in the U.S.


0°/North (Part1//Part2)

0°/South (Part1//Part2)


Northern Exposure (4xLP) (1996)

Bonus treat: the unmixed vinyl version of the CD release.  

Listening to these tracks you will realize just how incredible this mix really is and, though it is perhaps less obvious today, marvel at the genius of Sasha and Digweed at changing what electronic music could be and do.  



  1. yea, these mixes are stellar! i had to special order these cds from my record store because nobody was carrying it. i got the vinyl later too!! that's a treasure, right there. :)

    thx for the unmixed mp3's, didn't have those, and i'm not currently setup to rip my vinyl.

  2. and while i'm thinking about it, i really dig the mixes on Northern Exposure 2, especially the one that starts with gusgus. i can throw it your way if you don't have it.

  3. I've got all the Northern Exposure mixes. Killer.

    I have mp3s of the NE 2 vinyl versions as well. Guess I'll post those next.

    P.S. Jealous you've got NE1 on vinyl and the 2 CD. I keep watching but these prices are just not coming down on these!

  4. Have NE Expeditions vinyl as well...used to own a copy but sold it a few years back...

    Will post the mp3s soon to complete the set.

  5. Very nice - I had to just go and find my copies of all of these Sasha&Digweed cd's - I've got the single cd version of this - it feels like an incomplete set - thanks for posting the whole thing!

  6. thanks for posting up the LP versions of these mixes. never even seen a vinyl copy of any of them let alone heard 'em! nice clear rips too. thx again.

  7. No problem. I don't know that I'll ever tire of this mix. So many memories yet it takes me somewhere different every time.

  8. Hi. Any chance you could re-up these Expeditions links? The sendspace files seem to be offline. Thanks.

  9. any chance yo could re-up the expedition South's? Never seen them before in Canada..

  10. Hello sir.

    Please could you re-up these? I am desperate!