Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Slow Living Vol. 1 (DDR004)

Best dub techno mix I've heard in a long time from relatively new netlabel Drift Deeper Recordings.

Best part about it is I have never heard of any of these artists up until listening to this mix.

As the post notes:

"Perfect for sitting down & watching life go by."

High recommendation.


P.S. Lots of new tunes crossing my path...stay tuned...

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Morriconez ‎– The Lonely Mescal Button Haberdashery (2012)

Essential mix!

Stumbled across this in one of my virtual digging adventures when I stumbled across Morriconez (aka Jeffrey Wentworth Stevens aka Jjango Cleefworth Morrconez) while researching one of Brian Grainger's plethora of releases, this particular one on the Wil-Ru label.

Intrigued by the samples, I purchased his Cloud of Dust, Cry of Death on CD.  So of course I had to dig into his discography and found this mix.

Drawing from an array of artists from around the world (Bollywood soundtracks, obscure artists from the 70s and lesser known dub/reggae artists and a host of well chosen eclecticism) this is a mix guaranteed to expand your horizons.

Strong recommendation and great fun.

While you're at it, pick up some of his other releases.  You will not be disappointed.  

You can get it HERE.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Glossata ‎– Pearls & Smoke (2012)

Still skirting the technicalities of my DL/UL fast to drop this one.

One of my favorite artists from the past few years goes by the name of Alteria Percepsyne (aka Emily Griffiths).  

I first learned of her music through Anders Peterson.  He is one of the artists I support in the true sense of the word but have discovered some incredible artist through his GS Mastering & Post studio.  His mastering touches grace his own works as Relapxych.0 (and some other monikers) as well as those of artists on labels such as Silent Season, Other Heights and Entropy Records.  

I have her first CD release, Intangible Flutter,  but missed out on the CD release of her second, Cloaks of Perception, and was late on her third, digital only release, Mydriatic.

She has changed up her sound to a more "dreamy and ethereal" sound and is operating under a new moniker, Glossata (a term encompassing the butterfly family), which fits the change well.  It retains some of the vibe of dub techno but is much more spaced out and atmospheric.

A digital download is available and, at the moment, pre-orders are being taken for a CD version of the release (limited to 100 copies).  

Snap it up quick or, if digital is your thing, show some solid support.

High quality release.

Interview and podcast

Info and download info

Monday, January 7, 2013

Forest Frontiers - Songs for the Eastern Seaboard (2012)

Ok, breaking my DL/UL fast for a moment only because this is my nephew.  He's a young artist (college student, poet, bass player, lover of vinyl) and this is his first effort.

Very impressive (and not because he's related), kind of a scaled down Codeine.  He's on vocal duty.

Check it out, share it, spread it and show him some support.

Think you'll like it.