Sunday, June 29, 2014

Sunday Morning Dub - F.l.o.

Sunday morning dub seems apropos for some reason. This will introduce you to F.l.o. (aka Florian Gast) who has a pretty solid roster of releases on various netlabels. This will also introduce you, if you are not already familiar with, one of the best netlabels out there right now, Cold Tear Records, and another one, Klangschleife, showing some promise.

So check these out, contribute what you can to support both the artist and the label, and spread the word.

Food For Thought (2011)

Food For Thought (2011)

Cryptic (2012)

On an aside, it was this releases 'Untitled King', which reminded me of the Those Guys track 'American Poem' as heard on Âme's Fabric 42 release featuring Ras Baraka tearing it up with the poetry. You can hear  him performing the poem here. Don't sleep.

Cryptic (2012)

Pleione EP (2012)

Summer Nights (2013)

Time EP (2013)

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Viva Serendipity

A little bit of serendipity to share. Not sure the significance but I believe such coincidences mean something (and, just to announce one of my pet peeves, such events are not irony).

Couple of events have been merging in my life. A new job meant a new (2003, new to me) car and an hour commute to work. Unfortunately, my maxed out 160GB mp3 player is useless as it is a CD player only car which, on the flip side, has been a positive because it forces me to revisit my CD collection and it forces me to listen to entire albums.

So I dig out the random CD for the ride and pull my demo copy of this one out. Disc 3 is the one that blew me away and I rarely listened to the first two discs. However, the first two discs sounded really sweet this week at 75 mph. And, of course, Disc 3 sounded even better than ever.


Now, granted, the whole cult of the DJ thing has worn exceptionally thin as the sound has, on the whole, gone 'pop' and the DJs are nothing more than 'pop stars' spinning other people's records so it's rare when any of the current sludge moves me. Guess that's why in general I'm drawn to dub techno (though it too is at risk of becoming a caricature of itself) and, lately, drone and other experimental styles of music that seek to escape easy categorization.

Anyhow, as I often do, I look up the track listing on discogs and try and link up all the artists looking for something interesting and come across Billy Delassandro on one of the last tracks. Never heard of him. Scroll through his discography and think, meh, and move on.

Later in the week on my bandcamp feed this one shows up:

Wouldn'tcha know it. Billy Dessandro is one of the featured artists.

Now keep in mind that I haven't listened to Viva for years. To pull it out at random and have this release pop up during the same period of time in which it is playing in my car and Voila! Serendipity.

Will have to dig a little deeper into his discography.

You can get this release as a 'Name Your Price' offering 

Looks like an interesting label as well so I shall be virtual digging through the offerings.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Baumfreund – Mythen, Sagen und andere Märchen (2013)

A little Sunday morning dub techno for you with just a splash of house.

Be sure to check out the rest of the Dreiton netlabel's releases, most especially the latest 'Thirty' release including tracks by Baumfreund, If I Had A  Hifi, Martin Nonstatic and others. 

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Terminal Window 3

Pretty trippy stuff with a slight nod to the electronic space music vibe of the late 70s through its evolution throughout the 90s but here with modern production sensibilities and other random strangeness. Though made up of a variety of artists there is a coherent flow here that makes it sound and feel like a soundtrack to modern life.

This album follows the incredible success of Terminal Radio as broadcast on Returning to the album format for the third time, the musicians from present another hour of psychedelic electronic sounds, from pure ambient to breaks and modern classical sounds.
Given an initial concept of a psychedelic journey or trip, the artists involved have once again created a series of engaging electronic works, producing what is probably the most varied, yet paradoxically the most coherent, Terminal Window to date.
Astounding. Be sure to check out their earlier releases, all with a 'Buy It Now' choice.

The Terminal Window Bandcamp page can be found


Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Ignacio Tardieu and Sub.Made

I say it over and over again, there is some amazing music being made. I can only scratch the surface at this little blog but it's out there if you look. And I don't mean just the 'big' names. I'm talking hard working, talented artists putting out amazing music, often at no charge.

Below are two such offerings. Both artists have just dropped some niiiice dub techno for the ears and mind.

Ignacio Tardieu - Dub Codes EP (2014)

Free Download

(Browse around the Doppt Zykkler site, some incredible music being put out)

Sub.Made - Memories (2014)

(Great site for other stellar releases, stop in and browse around)

Sunday, June 15, 2014

ASC - Deep Space Mix Series

ASC, one of the best of the ambient artists on the rise, has an incredible assortment of 'Deep Space' mixes available on his blog. Another artist who has been under the radar, unless you are in the known, and needs to be given as much exposure as possible.

Having worked with artists such as bvdub (who has a Deep Space Mix of his own on the site) and various Auxillary label mates as well as releasing works of his own on his own label as well as top notch labels such as Silent Season, there is a treasure trove of amazing music underneath the waves here if you are willing to dig a little.  

Definitely worth submerging.

Mixes (25 so far) can be found

His Bandcamp page gives you the scope of his music in one snapshot.  Show some love.

Saturday, June 14, 2014


Just a quick shout out to one of the best ambient/drone/experimental labels on the web. 

Definitely, definitely, definitely check it out.

There is great music out there.

Their Compilations are mind blowing.  All seven (with one on the way) are Free Downloads to introduce you to an amazing roster of artists.

Did I say definitely check it out yet?

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Echoes In Space (2014)

Ever wonder how an artist such as Echospace builds a track? Echospace has offered up a 2.4 GB sound library for those who wish to build the sound for which they have become eponymous. It's not cheap but if you really want to know, this is the place to start (sure easier than creating your own chords).

For those who know the Variant sound, easily one of my favorite Hitchell creations, you will find yourselves at home. 

A 60 minute piece has been created using only these samples as a bonus CD to those who purchase but they have offered up a 14 minute teaser of the track as a 'Name Your Price' offering. Throw some love their way so this music can continue and, if you are really interested, invest in the whole package (I am waiting anxiously for the DVD).


If you haven't been to the site the catalogue is truly impressive. Overloaded and caught off guard by the pent up demand they seem to be getting the business end of things back on track. Should be an interesting year for the label.

A Strangely Isolated Place Mix Archive

For those who know, ASIP is one of the best music websites online. Period. Aside from periodic releases, interviews and other goodies, there is a regular assortment of mixes available, some exclusive to ASIP, some linked to other sites.

But if you want to discover new artists, discover new sounds, discover new vibes, I cannot recommend these mixes highly enough. Check out the artists doing the mixing and realize that they have the pulse on musical offerings the rest of us can only dream of hearing. 

Simply astounding array of music offered

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Organon - Beyond And Within

Organon, one of the new breed of dub techno artists, has released his Beyond and Within releases which were formerly offered on the once legendary and now, sadly, defunct ZeECc label. Anything and everything put out by this label is well worth your effort to track down.

All are 'Name Your Price' offerings, you know what to do!


By the way, if you click on his artist name at the Bandcamp page it takes you to a hidden treasure trove of music. Highly recommended if you have the hard drive space.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Myrdal Netlabel - Arise Compilation (2014)

Mexican label Myrdal is out with another stunning compilation featuring artists from around the world. It's a great opportunity to hear artists that you'd most likely never otherwise hear.

Their first two compilations, Please, come in and Take me home, are also highly commended.

You can get Arise along with the other two compilations as free downloads at their Bandcamp page

Sunday, June 8, 2014





The cover art is from a different EP compilation from the series (of which I'd love a copy). This is a CD promo.  I have not been able to find anything other than this v2 rip. It has been eluding me for years, though I found two copies for sale here but don't know the site and can't swing that much postage if it's legit. Any and all help will be appreciated!

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