Saturday, June 28, 2014

Viva Serendipity

A little bit of serendipity to share. Not sure the significance but I believe such coincidences mean something (and, just to announce one of my pet peeves, such events are not irony).

Couple of events have been merging in my life. A new job meant a new (2003, new to me) car and an hour commute to work. Unfortunately, my maxed out 160GB mp3 player is useless as it is a CD player only car which, on the flip side, has been a positive because it forces me to revisit my CD collection and it forces me to listen to entire albums.

So I dig out the random CD for the ride and pull my demo copy of this one out. Disc 3 is the one that blew me away and I rarely listened to the first two discs. However, the first two discs sounded really sweet this week at 75 mph. And, of course, Disc 3 sounded even better than ever.


Now, granted, the whole cult of the DJ thing has worn exceptionally thin as the sound has, on the whole, gone 'pop' and the DJs are nothing more than 'pop stars' spinning other people's records so it's rare when any of the current sludge moves me. Guess that's why in general I'm drawn to dub techno (though it too is at risk of becoming a caricature of itself) and, lately, drone and other experimental styles of music that seek to escape easy categorization.

Anyhow, as I often do, I look up the track listing on discogs and try and link up all the artists looking for something interesting and come across Billy Delassandro on one of the last tracks. Never heard of him. Scroll through his discography and think, meh, and move on.

Later in the week on my bandcamp feed this one shows up:

Wouldn'tcha know it. Billy Dessandro is one of the featured artists.

Now keep in mind that I haven't listened to Viva for years. To pull it out at random and have this release pop up during the same period of time in which it is playing in my car and Voila! Serendipity.

Will have to dig a little deeper into his discography.

You can get this release as a 'Name Your Price' offering 

Looks like an interesting label as well so I shall be virtual digging through the offerings.

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