Sunday, June 15, 2014

ASC - Deep Space Mix Series

ASC, one of the best of the ambient artists on the rise, has an incredible assortment of 'Deep Space' mixes available on his blog. Another artist who has been under the radar, unless you are in the known, and needs to be given as much exposure as possible.

Having worked with artists such as bvdub (who has a Deep Space Mix of his own on the site) and various Auxillary label mates as well as releasing works of his own on his own label as well as top notch labels such as Silent Season, there is a treasure trove of amazing music underneath the waves here if you are willing to dig a little.  

Definitely worth submerging.

Mixes (25 so far) can be found

His Bandcamp page gives you the scope of his music in one snapshot.  Show some love.

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