Saturday, June 21, 2014

Terminal Window 3

Pretty trippy stuff with a slight nod to the electronic space music vibe of the late 70s through its evolution throughout the 90s but here with modern production sensibilities and other random strangeness. Though made up of a variety of artists there is a coherent flow here that makes it sound and feel like a soundtrack to modern life.

This album follows the incredible success of Terminal Radio as broadcast on Returning to the album format for the third time, the musicians from present another hour of psychedelic electronic sounds, from pure ambient to breaks and modern classical sounds.
Given an initial concept of a psychedelic journey or trip, the artists involved have once again created a series of engaging electronic works, producing what is probably the most varied, yet paradoxically the most coherent, Terminal Window to date.
Astounding. Be sure to check out their earlier releases, all with a 'Buy It Now' choice.

The Terminal Window Bandcamp page can be found


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