Thursday, June 12, 2014

Echoes In Space (2014)

Ever wonder how an artist such as Echospace builds a track? Echospace has offered up a 2.4 GB sound library for those who wish to build the sound for which they have become eponymous. It's not cheap but if you really want to know, this is the place to start (sure easier than creating your own chords).

For those who know the Variant sound, easily one of my favorite Hitchell creations, you will find yourselves at home. 

A 60 minute piece has been created using only these samples as a bonus CD to those who purchase but they have offered up a 14 minute teaser of the track as a 'Name Your Price' offering. Throw some love their way so this music can continue and, if you are really interested, invest in the whole package (I am waiting anxiously for the DVD).


If you haven't been to the site the catalogue is truly impressive. Overloaded and caught off guard by the pent up demand they seem to be getting the business end of things back on track. Should be an interesting year for the label.

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