Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Acid Jazz

I picked up The Best of Acid Jazz Volume 2 on the now defunct but stellar Instinct label many moons ago (and I couldn't tell you where or why) but it has been a staple of my playlist ever since.

Couldn't tell you what "acid jazz" is and don't care too much.  Over the years it's blurred, as genres tend to do, into a fuzzy Ninja Tunes/Mo' Wax kind of jazzy thing (which makes sense considering you can find DJ Krush among others on some of these comps) which means I really like these.

Some of the tracks may sound familiar (especially from the After Hours comp) as they show up on a multitude of other compilations but both provide a sweet groove.

There are dozens and dozens of these compilations out there so if you dig these you're sure to find the others just as enjoyable.

The Best of Acid Jazz Volume 2 (1997)

This Is Acid Jazz: After Hours (1994)


  1. Great and varied posts recently, thank you. I have most of the tracks on vinyl but have never seen these particular cd's. Not sure if this will be your cuppa tea , but this is my favourite album this year, thus far., hope you enjoy.
    regards paul

  2. Paul,

    Samples sound awesome. Certainly one to pick up.

    Thanks for the recommendation!