Saturday, November 24, 2012

Pulshar ‎– Nospheratu (2008)

The original track by Pulshar is one of my all-time favorite tracks.  It's a deep, dark dubbed out vibe with some muted soundbytes of quotes from the script and it lives up to the black and white cover (from the original Nosferatu film from the 1920s).  

If the film were made today, this would be the soundtrack.

The Echospace reduction on side two is the perfect introduction to the hazy analogue static bath washing over deep bass rhythms that is one of the defining features of the Echospace sound.

A copy of this vinyl right from the label sits in my collection.



P.S. Also included are the cv313 and Sven Weisemann remixes of the track from Pulshar's Brotherhood album.

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