Tuesday, December 31, 2013


In the midst of the almost unnavigable sea of dub techno artists several have risen to the surface each with their own trademark sound. Slownoise is one of them. I first discovered Slownoise with one of my all-time favorite releases, Dark Matters.

Most of the releases on his Bandcamp page are 'Name Your Price' options. You can check them out 

A few other releases are available on the various netlabels around.

New Life (2009)

Token EP (2011)


Groovemospheric EP (2009)

Materia Sounds mix 

Unfortunately, this website is no longer online but many of the mixes have been salvaged HERE.

Slownoise's mix is available

HERE (tracklist not available)

May everyone have a safe and happy New Year!

Monday, December 30, 2013

Kitas Krantas (Other Shore) (2013)

Thanks to Cold Tear Records for pointing this one out. A 19 track dub techno compilation of Lithuanian based artists including Giriu Dvasios and Vytis along with some names new to me. Sounds like a nice journey.

It's a 'Name Your Price' offer but you know the drill.

Check it out here


And, speaking of Vytis, two new releases dropped on his Silverfield Records label.

Vytis - Termination

Info and download

Femii - Blossom Industry

Info and download

Friday, December 27, 2013

Ohrwert - Reduct (2013)

Ohrwert, another of the 'new' dub techno mainstays has offered up his complete remastered "Reduct” catalog. Originally released as 192 kbps MP3s on Infraklang, it is now made available in the quality of your choice (up to 44.1 kHz / 24 bit).

2.1 GB in FLAC. That's a lot of music.

'Name Your Price' option but, as always, I encourage you to show some real support.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

RA.359 The Haxan Cloak

You need this in your life. 

Play loud on a stereo (or on headphones) with a good low end. 

P.S. Disappear in the EBW website. Oh, my...

Midnight Soul Dive (2007)

Understanding that the 'ambient' and 'downtempo' tags have been bludgeoned to a grisly end, every so often an album (in this case a compilation) comes along that somehow transcends these labels that are inevitably thrown at it.

I recommend that you download it and listen to it without looking up any information on it. Let the sounds carry you away before clogging the brain with facts.

Perfect for the winter chill that is upon (many of) us.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Jacob's Ladder (2008)

Well, went ahead and tracked this down from Japan.  Found a great seller through Amazon Japan. Great communication and had it to me after payment in three days. That's better than a lot of the shipping I've had from here in the States.

And for some reason, Japanese releases are often far superior in content than their U.S. versions (probably so they can hold out and release a "deluxe" version in the future, one that was already available in Japan...).

Find it odd that amazons from around the world (paypal and ebay too for that matter...) aren't better linked. Love the online translation though.

It's a nice compilation of some jazzy, hop-hop kind of tracks.  Nice vibe.

The CD is now listed in the discogs database.  Here is some info on the EP version if you're feeling generous.

Another exclusive that can only be found at HTCIS.



Tuesday, December 24, 2013

4AD Rarities

4AD Rare Tracks

This one was last seen circa 2007.

The original compiler (at the Difficult Listening blog, now off the air) did a great service to the world as this would otherwise have died a quiet death as no hard copy was ever released.

As this was a fan compilation, bit rates vary throughout.  Here is the original notice:

"Way, way back in the olden days, several tape chains of rare and unavaliable 4AD material circulated amongst the members of the 4ad-l mailing list.
This web page documents the contents of those tapes, one track a week. No repository of these rare tracks will be made available from this site. The tracks will be available from this page for one week only. Each Friday night at 22:00 CET, a new track will become available.
The sound quality of these mp3 files varies wildly. Some of these tracks come from fourth-generation tapes, some come straight from cd, and most fall somewhere in-between." Source
An essential collection from one of the most important labels of its time.

Re-posting this as it should always be available.



4AD 12 Inch Anthology (1987)

"At the time of release, everything was unavailable elsewhere on CD with the exception of the M|A|R|R|S tracks. Even after the wave of 4AD-related reissues in the late 1990s and early 2000s, the A.R. Kane and Frazier Chorus tracks remain unavailable on CD except on this compilation."

This CD is long out of print and has been floating around on the web in a very low VBR rip rate (~130 kbps) for all the years I've been doing this (somewhere around five years).




Monday, December 23, 2013

MYRDAL. Netlabel - Take Them Home Compilation (2013)

For those who have been here for a while you know I travel to Mexico for business.  A lot. 18 times since 2011 as matter of fact. This isn't the beach region, it's the region where industrialized cultural artefacts such as Wal Mart, Subway and shopping malls abound.

It's got its perks though. Like time to listen to mass amounts of music that real life doesn't always allow.

The only electronic musician that I know is from Mexico is Murcof, including the Nortec ('norteña' + 'techno') Collective. Unfortunately the people I see when I'm down there are also working stiffs like me so it's been difficult to penetrate any type of electronic music scene. They are into the regional music ('banda') and mainstream American radio. All fine and dandy except I know there's gotta be an underground scene there somewhere.

I've been doing a deeper dive (my Spanish is horrible which really prevents me from getting too deep) and have lately been stumbling across some wins. Trying to zero in on the northern area, Monterrey in particular. I'm getting close.

The Myrdal netlabel is a Mexican label that has recently offered up a compilation of artists from around the world, some on their label, some not. I'm listening to it as a type and its very diverses and very good. There is new music everywhere. 

Turn off your radio and join the virtual digging adventure that awaits.

Info and free download

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Hypnotic Breaks

Ah, the early days of blogging, when the "wild west" still ruled and the exploration was fresh and uninhibited.

Hypnotic Breaks was one of the best blogs online and it introduced me to the genre of dub techno. Sadly, all that remains are snapshots from the waybackmachine here and the lingering remains of the actual blog here.

I had become familiar with dub techno through Echospace's The Coldest Season but was still a newbie to the sound having just emerged out of what, in hindsight, was a progressive house/trance phase that had lasted for more than a decade.

A compilation was put together in 2008 and it sent me down the rabbit hole from which I've yet to return. 

Fortunately, one of my online compadres had retained this in the archives and has graciously offered it up as a trip down memory lane for those of us who have been swimming in it and a great intro to it as it re-emerged and morphed from the Basic Channel blueprint to which it is anchored.

So, for your enjoyment, go 

P.S. Thanks f3x!

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Peter Kater & R. Carlos Nakai - Natives (1990)

A personal favorite of mine. R. Carlos Nakai's flute and chants combined with Peter Kater's piano playing make beautiful synchrony. It's been a constant source of good memories and peace of mind throughout the years. Even today when this plays it freezes me in the moment. There's a 'New Age' residue on this but this one frees itself from the fetters of that tag.

Picked this up in a record shop in Moab, Utah during one of my many walkabouts in the early 90s and it has been a constant companion since then. The disc got trashed over time, scratched beyond the ability of the best of CD players to play, and though I had originally been able to get a decent rip that took 168 hours for EAC to repair I finally tracked it down again.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Silent Season - Wandering Compilation (2010)

Just dropped in my email today, a special gift from the Silent Season label, one of the best labels out there for deep, blissed out dub techno/ambient sounds.

With a stellar roster of artists, this is truly a benevolent gift as it is one of the best compilations in my entire collection. If you aren't familiar with the label do yourself a huge favor and dive in.



Sunday, December 15, 2013

ASIP - Reflection: 2013

A Strangely Isolated Place, easily one of the best music blogs on the web, has offered up an end of year ambient mix that features an amazing array of artists and songs released in 2013.


Get it 

While you're there make sure you dive in to the site. It's a music lover's feast. Show some love and support in any way you can.

Vytis - Dub Quarry and Crystallized

I discovered Vytis, as I have discovered many new artists, on multiple dub techno compilations and his sound always stood out. He released Deepchord Avenue on the Cold Tear Records label and he now has a new label of his own, Silverfield Records, where two new releases have dropped.

Though both are 'Name Your Price' as always I encourage showing some real support so the music can continue.

Info and download

Info and download


From Lithuania, as is Cold Tear Records label founder Giriu Dvasios, Vytis now resides in Ireland. Making and releasing music isn't a cheap endeavor so if you're a fan of crowd funding, you can support him


Saturday, December 14, 2013

Echospace Bandcamp

Echospace getting some air time on Bandcamp's home page. If you haven't been to the site, check it out. Lot of goodies and lots more to come. 

If anyone knows anything about me they know that The Coldest Season reinvigorated a love and passion for music that had long laid dormant. I have had the privilege of not only a full immersion into the sound but have been privileged to see them live at DEMF and to meet the artist(s) and say thanks in person.

Been a challenging year for Stephen Hitchell but he's emerging from the ashes and is surging forward. I look forward to a solid year from him.

Go there now.

Echospace - Bandcamp

Friday, December 13, 2013


By request...

Finnish artist Blamstrain is offering all music from his site at 25% off for Christmas. I have come across some of his works on various compilations, most notably the Wired Thoughts comp from Entropy Records, but will certainly make it a point to dig in some more.

His Tundra I-VIII came highly recommended.

Show some love and get some quality dub techno and ambient


Arms And Sleepers - Discography

One of my favorite discoveries of the past few years was a small outfit named Arms And Sleepers. Their Matador album caught me by surprise and was on repeat for quite a while.

They fell off the radar after 2011 but are back and are offering up a special offer to get their entire discography for a bargain price on Bandcamp.

They will be touring the US and Canada in early 2014 (nowhere near me unfortunately) and then onto Europe with new music on the way. Their new website is here.

Highly, highly recommended.

You can get the entire discography for $10 through December 15th.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Other Heights ‎– As We Are (2012)

Not sure whether or not this label still exists. Loosely connected to the ROHS! label check out their back catalogue, now all seemingly out of print. 

Featuring remixes by artists such as Mr. Cloudy, Alteria Percepsyne (aka Glossata) and Spaceci this comp acts as a leaping off point to dig deeper into their works.

P.S. Heading South again, see you in a week.

Monday, December 9, 2013

A Mutated Christmas (2001)

It's that time of year...

In the spirit of the holiday season, whatever your views of it are, here is a little trip to take those songs that may be implanted in your brain and rewire them a little differently.

You may not like every track on here but I'll take this over most of the drivel that gets forced on us around this time every year.


Sunday, December 8, 2013

I just had to...

My formative years were forged by 80s metal, specifically the "hair metal" bands (the heavier metal would come later and merge into the burgeoning grunge thing). It was my first attempt at teenage rebellion out of Top 40 hell.

I was always one of the ones pushing the barriers of my insulated suburban trapping, the first one on the ol' block to pick up Mötley Crüe's Shout At The Devil and other bands discovered on late nights when MTV actually played music. These all pretty much condemned me to a fiery end.

One of the bands from that time was the heavy metal outfit from Switzerland (!) shown in the image above. Perhaps most notable for their cover of a British glam act's biggest hit as one of their own biggest hits, they did put out a few killer tracks on their own right.

"ETR" was a definite winner as was the obligatory ballad track.

Brings back some great memories.


If I'm ever so motivated I will whip up a compilation of those "deep cuts" (e.g. Fastways "Far Far From Home") that fell under the radar as this music became popular and made its way into the Top 40 hell from which I sought to escape. 


This is on the sidebar to the left but this is an incredible site if you want to dig into dub techno or any other genre of electronic music generically (and annoyingly) summed up as 'techno' music.

All kinds of releases from albums to EPs to DJ mixes. Will keep you busy for days. Promise.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Vatican Commandos ‎– Hit Squad For God EP (1983)

Pretty much all you need to know about this can be found in this statement:

"Vatican Commandos were a punk band formerly featuring Moby..."

The band was formed in 1980. Richard Hall, aka Moby, joined in 1983 after which they released their first 7" EP entitled "Hit Squad for God." Following the release of this record Moby was kicked out of the Vatican Commandos. 

They release a few other EPs and disbanded in 1985.

If you remember the early 80s punk ethic you'll find this a pleasant sonic surprise. Traces of his punk roots reappear on EIW's "What Love" and much of his Animal Rights album (including his cover of Mission of Burma's "When I Reach For My Revolver").

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Lo - Gray In May EP (2013)

One of my favorite dub techno artists, Lo, is out with a new EP featuring remixes from other well known dub techno artists (especially in netlabel circles) F.l.o. and Basicnoise.

This one is from the Klangschleife label. Definitely check out the rest of their releases.

It's a 'Name Your Price' offering but, as always, show them some real support as best you are able to keep the music alive.

You can find the release


Monday, December 2, 2013

For Ex-Lovers Only

Been a while since I've actually given a shout out directly to a blog (most of the ones I follow are on the left hand side of this blog). However, I stumbled across this one today and it's been a blast.

Takes me back to the late 80s/early 90s when alternative was really alternative with that familiar moody, brooding, anti-establishment DIY ethic in full effect.  This was a time when there was still an underground 'scene' where you could join with other people and feel connected in the disconnect. 

If there was ever anything of value in 'pop' music, this is it. A longing for nostalgia or gravitating toward something new? You decide.

Check it out 

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Explorations In Dub (2013)

Just dropped...

17 tracks of experimental dub from the Dubophonic netlabel.

Check it out