Sunday, March 25, 2012

Dub Techno netlabels...

For those who don't know there are some amazing labels out there that offer up amazing music, much of it for free.  I recommend donating to these labels to keep them afloat or to purchase artist works when available.

Lots and lots of free tracks, mixes, podcasts and a host of other goodies.

These are great sites to discover new music being spun by other artists.

There are many of these sites out there but here is a brief list where I've spent much time lately:


Cold Fiction Music label

Sound Source Netlabel


Retrospective Zoology

Electric Deluxe

Cold Tear

Highest recommendation.  May your journey continue...

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Beat Pharmacy - Wikkid Times (2008)

One of the best protest albums of all times.  We can let the 60s rest now, thank you very much.  A killer dub tech album undergirds the whole thing.



A fantastic array of remixes from a host of some well known and lesser well known names in the dub techno universe, including Intrusion, Quantec, Deadbeat and others.

The "versions" are instrumental reworkings of the underlying tracks. If you aren't convinced this is a dub tech gem, dig in.