Monday, December 2, 2013

For Ex-Lovers Only

Been a while since I've actually given a shout out directly to a blog (most of the ones I follow are on the left hand side of this blog). However, I stumbled across this one today and it's been a blast.

Takes me back to the late 80s/early 90s when alternative was really alternative with that familiar moody, brooding, anti-establishment DIY ethic in full effect.  This was a time when there was still an underground 'scene' where you could join with other people and feel connected in the disconnect. 

If there was ever anything of value in 'pop' music, this is it. A longing for nostalgia or gravitating toward something new? You decide.

Check it out 


  1. Glad you like!

    Hoping lots of other folks check out the site as well. Comments are hard to come by so I don't usually know.

    Thanks for sticking around.