Saturday, October 19, 2013

Spaceci - Ontology (2013)

A while ago I provided a link to a compilation of tracks by an artist who goes by the name Spaceci. His tracks would always stand out on the various dub techno compilations I find myself listening to so decided to give him some props.

I also learned he had a CDr release this year and it was sold out and unavailable. So I contacted the producer (David Ya from the Entropy Records label) who forwarded my email to the artist who, to my surprise, contacted me. Totally cool.

He informed me that the album would be posted to his Bandcamp page soon and he'd let me know when it was up. He let me know it is up today. Made my day.

The album is a 'Name Your Price' offer but, as always, I encourage you to show some true support.


  1. Thanx for the heads up and link for Spaceci, quality not quantity as a lot of dub techno producers seem to think. Great headphone tracks. Been listening to a recent album by KQuatica - Under .........also available on Bandcamp worth a listen i think. enjoy and thanx again JahRizla

  2. Awesome! Thanks for the link, downloading as I type this.