Monday, June 8, 2015

Fii0 X3

It has arrived and it is a thing of beauty, exactly what I was looking for to liberate me from the cult of Apple.

As I learn more I'll try and update this post with a review or details but I can tell you already that it's a beast. A little Emmylou Harris to break in the lossless capability. 

If anyone has questions in the meantime let me know.

More music to follow as I retag and improve the bit rates of files on my HD.

'Tis a good day.


  1. "Improve the bit rates of files on my HD"

    How exactly are you going to do that?

  2. That did sound like voodoo didn't it?

    Nah, simply meant I'll have to obtain new files from somewhere.

  3. As much I BLANK Apple also, my classic gets me through my 10 hour's the battery life? I've had fiio amps before, gotta say those player/amp stacking set-ups are sexy as hell...might have to check this out for flacs if battery is a good 8-12 hours, thanks.

  4. Haven't run my Fiio that long but haven't had any issues with battery life. I am also eyeballing the stacking set-ups. So far minus a few 'convenience' factors (e.g. searching by album cover) I've been nothing but impressed. Was the right move and I've been freed from the cult of Apple.