Sunday, June 7, 2015

Foobar Fiio

This is what I've been up to so I've been quite consumed and I'm torn as to whether or not it's good for my OCD tendencies.

It took a while but I finally made good on my promise to ditch iTunes. Also ditched the iPod. Slowly gravitating away from the iPad, though it's so light and portable in comparison to the Surface option but that Apple proprietary thing just grates on my nerves. Have an iPhone but it's company paid.

So I'm in the process of 'fixing' all of my files. I'm amazed at the age of some of the files and I've found just how far along my understanding of tagging and bit rate has come. Many, many of my olders files are low bit rate CBRs or v2 rips. I knew next to nothing about them and back then had no clue about CUE files and the like.

For the geekophiles out there, this is an awesome program. It's not open source but it is customizable to a degree the the iTunes behemoth is not and the file management ability is far superior than the forced hand of iTunes. I'm discovering so much old music that has been lying in the digital dust bin I'm hoping to get some of them up here.

It takes a little getting used to since it's personal choice as to how we set it up but once you get it, it is quite liberating. It took me an hour or so to set it up and get a grasp of the flow but that was it. The hard part is going to be cleaning up the files. Foobar does make it easy but I envision hours upon hours getting it right.

If you want an excellent tutorial on how to set it up, check it out:

The Fiio X3 comes tomorrrow so I'll provide some input into that for those who are curious.

In the meantime...


  1. I tried to use F2000 a few years ago and could not figure it out on my own. Does it allow you to save your pref file and then use it on another computer to have the same custom interface?

  2. Check out the video I embedded in the post. If I am understanding you right he briefly touches on it a few minutes in.

    From what I recall it has to do with installing it with the 'Portable' option rather than the default option at setup.

  3. Foo Bar. The audio player for PHD candidates in computer science. Not one piece of software I have tried in the past 20 years can handle my collection without crashing spectacularly. And I have tried them all. You would think that it would be a no brainer to have a simple platform that could handle 500,000 tracks of music in multiple formats. Nope. So I soldier on using Windows Explorer as my hive of media, groomed to perfection.

  4. LOL. Yea, it's certainly a bit geeky but it has made organizing my files and finding duplicates buried in my HD incredibly easy. A friend asked me what I thought and I hesitated to recommend it only because not every music fan is geek enough to care about this stuff.