Monday, May 21, 2012


Stumbled across this on the waybackmachine (now

This is when life was less complicated and the whole blogging thing was relatively new and was a lot of fun.  Met some great folks along the way and was immersed in the relatively carefree world of sharing record collections with people from around the world.

It's still fun but things have changed, moved underground and music has proliferated exponentially.  It's an amazing time.

Hard to imagine that I've been at this for just about five years.  While I don't have the time I used to, it's still always fun to share music that has been important to me or presenting treasures discovered while virtual digging.

For a trip back in time, check it out, see if it brings back memories.

For those who have stuck around, thank you.  Your visits here and comments and contributions are appreciated more than you'll ever realize.

Drop me a comment and reminisce if you've been around for a while!  Would love to hear.


  1. Music has proliferated exponentially, that's for sure. Some time ago, it was fun to discover places to find rare music old Detroit techno compilations or anything else but I think that time has passed. For me, I realised i was overwhelmed by music. Now i download two or three thing by week and burn it on a cd in order to listen to it without headphones.
    I have a blog too and i just discovered that people find the music i share by Filestube and don't even visit my blog. Is this sharing tastes or just downloading mega hundred of of Go on a hard drive without listening to it ? Do you feel on your side with your five year experience blogging that fun as gone away ?

  2. Thanks for the comment. Good points you bring up.

    It's still fun but it's certainly changed.

    I don't have near the traffic I used to (many more options out there and, like you, I've scaled back on my consumption) but I still try and post quality music and links when I can.

    I do miss the comments that came when ETOMI was at its peak. Having people from around the world drop me a line was an incredible high.

    I'm still in touch, from time to time, with people I met in the early days of doing this so that's really cool and I've found that overall we live in a beautiful world.

    Without a doubt, all of the music I listen to now I never would have discovered living where I live. It was Echospace's The Coldest Season that sparked a passion and a joy for music that I haven't experienced for decades.

    It's this occasional discovery and rekindled spark that keeps me doing this and that's why it's still a joy.

  3. It's sure been a fun ride! Just seeing that Totally Fuzzy logo on the archived ETOMI site brought back a rush of memories. :)

    Agreed, it doesn't quite feel like the proper crate digging it once was but there'll always be more music to discover. It's a journey that never ends and one that's renewed for me every time I come across yet another band/genre I've never heard of. There always seems to be something I didn't know about just around the corner.

    A couple of books have been an inspiration for me on that journey... Tom Moon's 1,000 Recordings To Hear Before You Die [] and The Best Music You've Never Heard (Rough Guide Reference) []

    Can't thank you enough for all the great recommendations and musical insights. Much respect.

  4. Great to hear from you. Thanks for the comment and the book references. Will definitely check 'em out.

    Forgot all about Totally Fuzzy, my how the times have changed!

    Guess we just keep on rolling and see where it goes.

  5. Another place to share music :
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