Tuesday, May 1, 2012

deepindub.org - In Dub We Trust (2012)

Finally was able to get off the weekend job but that removes the 24 hour stretch of time over the weekend when I could listen to, explore and share new music.

Stumbled across this one due to a bunch of artists I currently listen to and discovered it was free. Then it went on hiatus.  Now it's back and it's crazy good.

Great website representing some up and coming electronic musicians, many who have seen releases on well known and respected labels (e.g. ZeECc, Silent Season, etc.), that carry the much tagged 'dub' sound.

30 tracks over 3 hours of quality music on this comp.  Plus there are literally hours and hours of free music available as well.

Please, please, please show some support, if able.  Send $1, $5, $10 (you get a bonus if you do).

Do something.  Need to keep sites like this alive.


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