Saturday, August 13, 2016

Logic Trance

It's amazing to me to see this stuff come back around 20 years later. It was exploding around this time, bubbling up from underground. As I have aged, and the music with it, I cannot help but grin now in recognizing what a special time that was as the sounds laid down during that time are now the base of so much of modern music. 

What sounds new to the untrained ear here brings a smile to the knowing ear as we acknowledge that we really did live through and experience something new rather than revisit it as historical relic. 


  1. Many thanks mate for the reup.Really is a great blog you have.A great effort to keep it going.

  2. Can't believe it was 20 years ago as well... remember the day at Zia records buying #2. Such great stuff.

  3. Thanks! Remember the Barramundi comps, and Excursions in Ambient? Sometimes cheesy but often magical as well.