Wednesday, August 3, 2016


Been on one of these kicks lately and it takes me back to that same place it took me when I first discovered this sound.

It's a happy place.


Still around though life has certainly taken me on a different path than I could have ever expected. This is painstakingly a very good thing. Maturity?

Perhaps, but I appreciate those who have stuck around or have stumbled upon this blog. Hard to believe it's been seven years (even longer for those who remember everythingonmyipod)!


  1. I'm really linking these! Have never seen them so thanks immensely!!!

  2. Got them all but great post nevertheless. Keep up the good work. Never realised you were the dude behind the ipod blog! cheers phil

  3. Thanks for the comments, always glad when discoveries are made.

    Phil, you've been around for a long time then! Glad you are still checking it out.