Saturday, May 27, 2017

256 GB MicroSD

With the demise of what and another that as of late seems appropriately suffixed, I have found more free time that I never realized I had. It has gotten me focused more on the act of listening to music rather than continually looking for what's new or unearthing long forgotten artifacts of my youth ripped from vinyl (which is an odd thing since without a turntable I'm not convinced vinyl sounds better than digital other than the audio detritus that makes us think it sounds better). 

So for your browsing pleasure, attached is what is currently loaded (2416 files or 21116 tracks) on my Fiio (until the 512 GB comes along!). I've been refining it over weeks and at the moment it is one of the better playlists I've had going as I am making very few edits to it over time. Minus some of the mixes on here meant to be played in full this one shuffles extremely well and will take you through a pretty broad spectrum of music to capture or put you into a variety of moods.

Take a peek, drop me a line if something catches your fancy:

MicroSD Playlist

I leave you with this that a friend sent me when I was whining about it:


  1. Good Simpsons. Looking forward to perusing your list!

  2. Great to see you back!

  3. Link is down. Will you ever reup this? Thx