Wednesday, May 22, 2013


New guy just hired in at work and I were talking about music and, truth be told, he is the first person I have actually met in person who knows most every single artist that I have been into for the past twenty years.   That is no small feat. We're not talking classic rock, hair metal, pop radio or any other force fed crap. 

We're talking underground, under the radar (at the time) sounds, much of which you find here on this blog. Goa, acid, deep house, dub, techno; Underworld, Moby, Sasha & Digweed; Buckethead, DXT, DJ Shadow; you name it. While I'm pumped about all the folks I've met online and through doing this blog, it's like having a twin. Freaky.

Anyhow, I thought I knew a little something about funk but imagine my surprise when he names a group I've never even heard of and realize that what I thought I knew about funk has just been taken to a new level. 

I have a lot to learn...gonna be fun...


  1. you've never heard "Cissy Strut"?!?!? this is a good band, and this seems like a good dude. and he's heard of Captain Kowalski?!? you've introduced me to a few new ones, and that was one that was way off my radar.

    btw, i posted a dub album that is very much up your alley.

    hope you are doing well. sounds like you are!

  2. Never heard it before I confess. Have to ask him about Capt. Kowalski.

    I saw your post, a classic album no doubt. Doing well. Hope the same goes for you!

  3. Surprised you've not heard The Meters, Aorto. But yes, it's funk on a whole different level and The Neville Brothers are a related act that plough the same furrow. I'd also check out, if we're in the realms of N'awlins fonk, Chocolate City -pretty much straight funk- and the Wild Tchipoutoulas (hope I've spelt their name correctly) which teeters (in my opnion, anyway) between funk and shamanistic Professor Longhair. (I think they're also blood-related to the Neville Brothers, who were also in the Meters).


  4. have you heard this incredible mix?

  5. Great recommendations Jim! Look forward to checking those out. Kevin, I do have that but never would have made the connection. Ok, so I have at least "heard" of them. ;-) Will have to pull that back out for a listen with fresh ears.

  6. congrats on hooking up with the meters!! they are one of the all time greats especially the first three albums on josie. they used to get sampled a lot back in the late 80s although not as much as james brown or george clinton. awesome band.

  7. More than amazed, with some of the tracks you've shared, that you've never had the great pleasure of hearing and listening to The Meters...a definition of Funk...I'm lucky enough to have seen The Original Funky Four a number of times - back when they were playing as a unit as The Meters . . . and a few times since they have reformed for a few short tours and shows. Back in March 3 of The Meters - Leo Nocentelli, Zigaboo Modeliste & George Porter, Jr - were touring with a guest keyboard player as The Metermen or Meter Men - and they gave their listening audience a schooling on their music - Hear this Funk - Listen - look out there's a Fiyo On The Bayou - they torched the place to be polite.
    A gentleman a few comments about this - mentions The Wild Tcoupitoulas recording - that was The Meters and Art brought along his other Brothers - and that, in some ways, was the first time, I think, that The Neville Brothers recorded as a unit.
    Big Chief Jolly - who leads most of the singing on that album was the Big Chief of The Wild Tchoupitoulas Mardi Gras Indian Tribe - was joined on that album by some of his nephews - The Neville Brothers.
    The Original Funky Four (The Meters) were/are, in alphabetical order, Joseph "Zigaboo" Modeliste on the drums; Art Neville on the keys; Leo Nocentelli on guitar and George Porter, Jr on the bass Their later albums, don't quote me, also featured Cyril Neville on percussion.
    Anybody who has heard Keith Richards' Blind Date show - the benefit he did in Toronto after one of his 'issues' - Zig played the drums on that date.
    The Meters also did a good number of recording sessions in New Orleans - for example heard them on many of Lee Dorsey's recordings - you also heard them on the title track of Robert Palmer's "SNeaking Sally Through The Alley" album. Dr. John was "In The Right Place" when he did that session because he was recording with The Meters - - and you could say that things worked out to be, what was the name of that album "Desitively Bonnaroo". That Bonnaroo festival takes their name from that album - and 2 years ago if I remember correctly - Dr. John - The Meters along with Allen Toussaint performed that album at Bonnaroo. Glad you've ben turned onto The Meters -
    May The Funk Be With You

  8. Thank you for the awesome history lesson. Really amazed I never traveled this path!