Sunday, June 29, 2014

Sunday Morning Dub - F.l.o.

Sunday morning dub seems apropos for some reason. This will introduce you to F.l.o. (aka Florian Gast) who has a pretty solid roster of releases on various netlabels. This will also introduce you, if you are not already familiar with, one of the best netlabels out there right now, Cold Tear Records, and another one, Klangschleife, showing some promise.

So check these out, contribute what you can to support both the artist and the label, and spread the word.

Food For Thought (2011)

Food For Thought (2011)

Cryptic (2012)

On an aside, it was this releases 'Untitled King', which reminded me of the Those Guys track 'American Poem' as heard on Âme's Fabric 42 release featuring Ras Baraka tearing it up with the poetry. You can hear  him performing the poem here. Don't sleep.

Cryptic (2012)

Pleione EP (2012)

Summer Nights (2013)

Time EP (2013)

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