Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Where it's at...

Computer still down.

Gets stuck at this screen and goes into the perpetual reboot mode.

Gets to this screen and stops.  Have scoured the web and have done all the help tricks (F8, etc.) and zero, zip, nada.

A bad driver is what I've been told.  

Anyone know of any tools to get the files from the Hard Drive?  Don't feel like spending hundreds of dollars for someone else to do it.

Any other suggestions?

Not a devastating loss if I don't, just a real PITA.

I am feening though...can't do this from a tablet.


  1. Feeling your pain, I lost a whole bunch of music and stuff when a hard-drive died a while back... but this doesn't sound like a dead loss. I'm no expert but a hard-drive is just a hard-drive so you shouldn't need any special tools to get the files off it. If your operating system's got itself out of whack and won't boot but the disk is still ok, then just plug it into another machine (a friend's?) either slotted into a spare drive bay or using a relatively cheap USB docking station ( Hope that helps :)

  2. yea, i feel your pain as well. let me know if you need any tunes. i probably grabbed everything you posted.

    glad to have you back. good luck on your travels.

  3. F**k Windows, get Ubuntu !