Thursday, September 20, 2012

Brock Van Wey - A Chance To Start Over

Life is still crazy and I'm still traveling like a maniac for work but I'm back and running.

By far one of the best albums to come out in the past few years, White Clouds Drift On And On by Brock Van Wey (aka bvdub, Earth House Hold, etc.) was a before and after album for me.

Still have an original CD (which, for a while, was going for upwards of $100).

Stumbled across it via Echospace's "The Coldest Season" when I learned who Steven Hitchell was and found his Intrusion side project.  Disc two contains Hitchell's Intrusion reworks of Brock Van Wey's already stunning tracks on disc one.

This is the album version of the track "A Chance To Start Over" with a different reworked version by Hitchell's Intrusion project that was only available on the web.  It's a great teaser to the album.

If you don't have the entire album yet...who are you?  Kidding...

If you don't have it, track it down, it's essential.



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