Thursday, September 27, 2012

FACT Mix 343: Old Apparatus

Stumbled across these guys a few months back with their Chernobyl Mixtape.  

There is an evolution in the world of music that I really like.  We are moving toward a world of post-genre.  

This isn't a 'punk' kind of attempt at breaking free of genres but a certain embrace of whatever genres others will place on music.

Labels are really meaningless and musicians such as this seem to swim in music as music and in so doing will, for now, remain relatively impervious to tags.

You can usually tell because statements such as "elements of blunted hip-hop, ghostly R&B, noise, industrial, techno and even post-rock" will be thrown into any attempt at categorization. 

In my travels this week my shuffle locked in on this Factmag mix, a great intro to their vibe.  Mixes like this are like having friends with much better record collections than you.  

Highly recommended.



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