Monday, October 1, 2012


Flew south of the border...again...

When I travel my philosophy is not to impose or to take (even 'taking' pictures should be scrutinized) but to understand and to learn.

Slowly but surely I am actually being immersed into a different worldview.  This isn't the mere observer point of view taken to all the touristy places but a slow immersion into seeing life as it is.  I consider it a privilege to be given this perspective.

That is my guiding m.o. any time I travel so everything I do is filtered through that lens.  That means I ask lots of questions.

Music is always a great bridge so I've picked up a few artists local to the region and have added them to the shuffle.  From 3ball MTY to Panda it's a great bridge to understanding (I keep vowing to improve my Spanish by listening with a translation of the lyrics...).

Anyhow, this is the mix on the shuffle from Pittsburgh to Houston. This is one of the most consistent mixes I've encountered, mostly on the low, dubby end of the spectrum.  Was the perfect groove for an early morning start.

Couple of newer tracks in here, always worth a listen to possibly pick up some new sounds.

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