Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Dorobo/Demdike Stare connection

As anyone who's been here awhile knows, one of my favorite labels is the now defunct Dorobo label out of Australia. Some great, mid-90s experimental music.

This is a cool video by Richard Grant (aka I+T=R) whose artwork and video work is part of the labels' identity. Cool concept that works well with the song...

"This was the first experiment I did with my first video camera in 1991. Made by recording the short loop onto VHS then playing it back on the VHS player whilst shooting it again on camera, then playing the camera tape on the VHS player and re-shooting, I repeated this process until I couldn't discern the start of the loop anymore. I slightly edited this experiment to the Loggerhead track in 1994, it was meant to appear on the Dorobo video compilation but the running time was too long.

Loggerhead released one album 'Demons in Rapture' in 1994.

Viewing advice: fullscreen, dark room, loud sound."


Then I stumbled across a cool site called Vidgrids which lists a bunch of his other videos.

Much to my pleasure he has an "unofficial" video for Demdike Stare:


Everything's connected.

Will be back soon with some more tunes...

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