Monday, October 15, 2012

Mon0 and B Mus (2012)

Sublime Porte, out of Istanbul, Turkey, is one of the many netlabels around that offer up amazing releases for  free or donation only.  

There is so much incredible music being made these days that it is impossible to keep up and so many artists just do not get the audience they deserve.  Sensory overload on all fronts.

However, from the din some artists float to the top.

The two artists below are of the dub techno variety but have a sonic depth that you don't hear too often.  

Highly recommended.  Please support them and the label(s) in any way you can.

B Mus - Nothing Is As It Seems (2012)

Contains remixes from Grad_U and Zzzzra. 

Info + Link

Mon0 - Monolog (2012)

This one bleeds into drone territory and will take you deep.  With tracks all around the 10 minute mark, that's plenty of time to get lost.

Info + Link


  1. This is good - reminds me of the Thinner netlabel stuff. I went and downloaded most of their other releases too - definitely quality music and worth donating a few bucks to them.

  2. Good to see you, as always.

    Yep, really good stuff.

    Music is alive and well!