Saturday, January 21, 2012


So Megaupload has been shut down and the tentacles of the media conglomerates show themselves to be more treacherous than anyone realized.

On the flip side, the man behind Megaupload was a bit too ostentatious and drew the ire of many.  Subtlety was certainly not a trademark M.O.

HFS has shut itself down, whether in protest or fear.  The landscape is certainly changing.

I realized today that the intent of SOPA and PIPA is so that media moguls don't need to bother with such silly things as due process. 

Rather than months of "investigation" and millions of dollars spent, a simple flick of the switch is all that will be needed.  Justice?  Waste of time and money.

So many files here are now suddenly gone and with the RS account expiring (and daily reminders of the same), more will also be disappearing.

I'm still here but have moved on to other landscapes and things on a personal level have radically changed over the past few months and a big change is coming this week so I'm not quite sure where this will all lead. 

Sometimes, drastic change leads to an evolutionary leap in the way things happen. 

Stay tuned...

P.S. Support your independent artists and labels and the giants will see that we don't need them and their over processed and manufactured cultural substitutes.

If you can't support the indies, at least don't throw your money into the belly of the beast.


  1. It's rather odd, I think, that the land of the free acts like Stalin, while former Stalinist (or Communist, certainly) states are now those with servers beyond the tentacles of the Fuck BI. It's to Russia, Croatia and other 'former communist' countries that we'll turn to provide us with sources of new music.

    I agree with Aorto. Support the independent artists and labels. By all means review new music from new artists on blogs like this and elsewhere. Ignore, avoid, reject corporate America and its cohorts in organisations like the FBI.

    And, in the long run, let us understand that -yet again- it will be corporate America and the west who will suffer, because the genie is out of the bottle and it isn't going back in. Shutting down megaupload and other places will not stop free file sharing. It will encourage it. And it may encourage it in a way not anticipated by corporate America, that the file sharers regroup and coalesce into a different entity, one that rejects their mainstreamed, unimaginative values to create a new entity over which they have no control.

    Triumph over adversity. Will they ever learn?

  2. i agree with supporting independent artists and small record companies. It is essential to their survival. I would also whole heartedly encourage you to continue reviewing the music you do and passing on the good news and good vibe, in order to spread the quality musical word, in the way that you have been doing for some time already. This too will increase the support of those same artists and record companies.
    Keep up the fine work please

  3. Mister Bee,

    Thanks for the note of encouragement. It's always nice to hear from folks in the comment section.

    Sometimes it seems all people do is come and download and split or leave quickly if there's nothing to download.

    I plan on continuing though with changes on the personal end (mostly work) I'm not sure about the frequency of posts.

    But it's what I do, it's a passion and still fun so I can't imagine going cold turkey.

    Stay tuned!