Sunday, January 29, 2012

Tony Carey (aka Planet P Project)

Of all the formative albums of my youth (and there were many...), two have always stood out from Tony Carey's alter ego Planet P Project.  Unlike many albums of that time, I still revisit these on occasion.

The first was the self-titled album that originally went by Planet P until he was forced to change the name due to a legal conflict.  Though it certainly has an 80s feel (especially with the space theme), it has held up incredibly well.  "Why Me?" and "Static" still sound amazing.

However, it was "Pink World" that blew me away.  Conceptually similar (double LP, saviour/Messiah theme, concept album, backwards messages, etc.) and inevitably compared to Pink Floyd's "The Wall" the album stands on its own and remains a hidden gem from the 80s.

Carey all but disappeared from the scene for a while and suffered some serious health complications.

For the longest time I've wanted to purchase the physical copies of the final Planet P Project trilogy called "Go Out Dancing" but they were never really distributed stateside, except perhaps the first part. 

His work has been tough to get on CD stateside.  My first copy of "Pink World" was an unofficial CD from Russia which was just a high quality copy of the vinyl burned on to CD.  If you listen closely as the album ends you can hear a faint hiss as the needle heads toward the run out groove...

It probably goes without saying that I still have vinyl copies of the self-titled release (one as Planet P and the other after the name change to Planet P Project) and two copies of "Pink World" on vinyl (one pink promo and one regular issue). 

Anyhow, in order to get the physical copies, I'd have to cough up roughly $100 for all of them.  Ouch.  Someday maybe but I still wish to promote his work.  He's been in the game a long, long time and has released some amazing music over the years.

I confess I've heard the trilogy and they are amazing, especially the final one (which is after his health scare).  The "Hallelujah" track will catch you by surprise (as will his album of Christmas Hymns).

So aside from listening to "Pink World" as I type I stumbled across a free download on his site I thought some folks might be interested in.

You can get the download HERE.


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