Monday, July 13, 2015

Yes, He Inhaled

Speaking of MG's WGO at 192/24, this little tidbit jumped out in the spectrals as I got curious about the difference between 1.63 GB and 77 MB when comppressed to v0.

Notice where the v0 compression approximately maxes out around the 20k mark (solid black line). Can we hear the detritus above the line in a normal listening environemnt? I'm not sure, especially when there is a lot going on in the music.

The 192/24 file pushes beyond the 80k mark and the difference between the v0 and the 192/24 FLAC is visually quite striking. I would love to know how to isolate what's above the line to listen to it alone.

It was the curiosity from the last post that led me down this path and the striking visual cued me in to the little area circled in black (click on the photo to zoom in). I've heard the sound before as I've digested this album hundreds of time and I've always felt that this entire album radiates of a really good trip but the visual made it clear: someone inhaled on the recording.

Not convinced? Have a listen to the isolated section right at the 4 second mark and let it repeat a few times.


In the Detroit mix this is repeated one more time since the chatter does not fade out to make it single friendly and it blends seamlessly right into the next track.

Listen closely and you'll hear it twice (at 3 seconds and 48 seconds). Notice also the 20k cutoff indicating a v0 rip and compare to the broad spectrum of the lossless spectral image at the beginning of the post. Geeky good fun.

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